Best Disc Golf Putters (2022)

The Disc Golf is a fun activity, inexpensive, eco-friendly, popular, created in the United States and practiced since the mid-20th century. Disc Golf has continued to develop throughout the world, counting today more than 3 million people playing Disc Golf regularly in leisure mode, relaxation and some in competitions.

Disc Golf can be played with family, friends, in a club, in a friendly way, and in the heart of nature. The rules of Disc Golf are the same as those of golf and mini-golf.

The challenge of Disc Golf is to create a course made up of 6 to 18 holes with a minimum of throws, in groups of 4 to 5 people.

Indeed, the goal for each hole is for his Disc Golf to reach the point of arrival, materialized by a basket, from the point of departure, called a tee, with a minimum of throws.

So we chain the holes in order to play everything from a Disc Golf course. The one who has made the fewest shots on the Disc Golf course comes out the winner.

Everyone wants to get outdoors sport to fresh their mind and body. Disc golf is a part of such a sport.

There are many disc golf putters in the market but choosing the best one is a little tricky. The best golf putter is an important part of disc golf selection.

The putters are the disc that travels a short distance.  Most putters are used for point and short accuracy on the green. We recommend Innova DX Aviar Golf Disc. It is one of the best disc golf putters. Many players are satisfied with Innova disc golf.

We have listed some of the disc golf putters in the article.

Best Disc Golf Putters

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Golf Disc Brand:  Innova
Size: 145-150 gram
Weight: 0.44 Pounds
Check Price
backpac Discraft Limited Edition Paul McBeth Signature Jawbreaker Luna Brand: Discraft
Size: ‎170-172g
Weight: 0.40 Pounds
Check Price
backpac Discmania D-Line P2 Disc Golf Putter Brand: Discmania
Size: 173-175g
Weight: 0.38 Pounds
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backpac Axiom Discs Electron Envy (Firm) Disc Golf Putter Brand:  Axiom Discs
Size: ‎165-170g
Weight: 0.37 Pounds
Check Price
backpac Viking Discs | Rune | Disc Golf Putter Brand:  Viking Discs
Size: 10.7-JFGM-1271
Weight: 0.37 Pounds
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backpac Discraft Jawbreaker Banger GT Putter Brand: ‎Discraft
Size: 145-150 gram
Weight: 0.36 Pounds
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backpac Westside Discs MyDye American Flag Disc Golf Disc Brand: ‎D·D DYNAMIC
Size: 145-150 gram
Weight: 0.48 Pounds
Check Price
backpac Gateway Super Stupid Soft Wizard Disc Golf Putt Brand:  Gateway
Size: 160-170 gram
Weight: 0.40 Pounds
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backpac Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Judge Disc Golf Putter Brand: Dynamic
Size: 150-160 gram
Weight: 0.42 Pounds
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backpac Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc Brand: Discraft
Size: 175 gram
Weight: 0.38 Pounds
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backpac Eurodisc Disc Golf Frisbee Starter Set Especially Brand: Eurodisc
Size: 145-150 gram
Weight: 1.2 Pounds
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Innova DX Aviar Golf Disc – Best Disc Golf Putters

Best Disc Golf Putters

Innova DX Aviar was first launched in 1984 and still using as a professional disc golfer. It is the best for an accurate approach. It is considered the top and popular putter in disc golf. It has won more world championships. The flat top and smooth round nose perform well in the wind.

Many golf players like Innova aviar. The beadles’ putter makes you feel nice. It comes with nice stability and glide. It is more durable and flexible. The only issue is that it is very light in weight and during wind, can’t do well.

  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Light in weight

Discraft Paul McBeth Luna Putter Golf Disc – Best Approach Putter Disc Golf

Best Approach Putter Disc Golf

The Discraft luna increases your confidence in hitting the chains. It is a new putter which is designed by Paul Mcbeth. It has the combined feature of jawbreaker plastic and rubber.

The new and unique plastic blend comes are more durable and thick rubber. It is more neutral during the flying putter. The flight ranges from 3,3,0,3 and fly for distance. It is more potential and colors may change from the image. The Luna is the primary putter because of overstable.

  • Provide tackiness
  • Resist high speed
  • Beadles and low glide
  • Grip is difficult

Discmania D-Line P2 Disc Golf Putter – Best Disc Golf Drivers

Best Disc Golf Drivers

The Discmania has great stability and tackles strong headwinds. It is best for pros players with p2 works. It is a versatile and consistent putter. The strong grip is even in wed condition.

This is the most suitable putter if you have fade-in shots and spin putts. It is one of the best putters that can handle different conditions. The P2 is a suitable all-around disc golf disc. It is overstable and flight rating of 2,3,0,2. It is considered the best disc golf driver.

  • Flies so straight
  • Incredible flat
  • Beadles KC pro
  • Hard and soft
  • No

Axiom Discs Electron Envy Disc Golf Putter – Straightest Disc Golf Putter

Straightest Disc Golf Putter

The axiom putter has smooth modern fleeing and fits in the hand. It can hold the straight flight for high throwers. The high-speed stability and low fade make it best among disc golf.  

The high baseline material for strong grip in all conditions. The electron firm plastic ensures neutral flight with wear. It is durable and not slippery but less flexible.

  • Stabile at high speeds
  • Dependable drop
  • Thicker wing
  • Less color

Viking Discs  Rune Disc Golf Putter – Most Durable Disc Golf Plastic

Most Durable Disc Golf Plastic

The Rune is suitable for straight putts. It is best for all skill levels who are looking for a straight-flying putter. The smooth flat top and big beads provide a nice feeling. It is cheap in price with basic plastic.

The plastic has a good grip. The Viking discs are a comfortable and softer blend. It is durable and sturdy. The disc weight is 170 grams.

  • Ultra-affordable price
  • Superior plastic
  • Often available in Putter Packs
  • Suitable for any skill level
  • Limited colors options

Discraft Jawbreaker Banger GT Putter – Best Disc Golf Midrange

Best Disc Golf Midrange

The Discraft putter golf disk has awesome looks and a strong grip. It is the perfect combination of comfort and softness. It is popular for the consistent throw and considers the best disc golf of midrange. The material is durable and tacky. It comes with marble texture and different colors.

It is a kind of overstable putt. This is a perfect disc for forehand and backhand shots. The color maybe changes from the image.

  • Delivers consistent releases
  • Best stability
  • Various colors
  • Grip and reliability
  • Weight and color different

Westside Discs MyDye American Flag Disc Golf Disc – Best Putter Disc Golf

Best Putter Disc Golf

The westside discs are suitable for professional players. It delivers the full flight in lower-speed arms. The superb grip and high dome increase your experience. It is designed for long-distance flight and even the average golf player achieves it.

It is more versatile with quality material. The hi-tech plastic is durable and shows good performance. It is perfect for pro players and fun players. For slow arm speeds, it is a more overstable and dependable approach disc.

  • Versatile
  • Overstable
  • Super durable plastic
  • Stamp colors

Gateway Super Soft Wizard Disc Golf Putt – Best Soft Disc Golf Putters

Best Soft Disc Golf Putters

The gateway disc golf put is solid and delivers straight flying. It is perfect for long and short putts. The extra glide delivers the fly for long-distance.

It delivers the fly super straight. The weight is 175 grams. It is more grippy and flexible.

  • Quality disk
  • Fly straight
  • Strong Grip
  • Slight fade

Dynamic Discs Prime Disc Golf Putter – Best Disc Golf Discs for Advanced Players

Best Disc Golf Discs for Advanced Players

The dynamic discs won the best player choice awards in 2013 because of its super-flight. It is the top throwing disc golf putter. It can maintain the high-speed straight flight without fading and hit the chains.

The comfort feels, grip, and price have no match. Its weight is 170 grams. The superb grip hold in even bad weather. The judge disc golf putter is the best option for beginners at a cheap price.

  • Good stability
  • Fight off winds
  • High glide
  • Excellent grip
  • Forgiving nature.
  • very affordable
  • Different colors

Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc

Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc

The Frisbee Discraft Ultra-Star is the official equipment model that is used during the Ultimate championships in the USA, since 1991. This disc is also used for freestyle practice.

This disc golf takes the shape of a saucer weighing 175 grams and measuring 27.3 cm in diameter. It stands out for its aerodynamic and ergonomic design. The spiral grooves on the main face prevent slipping and ensure a firm hold.

This disc golf model exists in 13 very varied colors (white, silver-gray, black, yellow, green, red, pink, royal blue, light blue, shiny blue, nite-glo, UV) for splendid visual effects. The sparkling star-shaped pattern and reflective face further brighten and energize the disc’s aesthetic.

  • Stable flight
  • High qualtiy
  • Little heavy

Eurodisc Disc Golf – Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

The Eurodisc Disc Golf Set kit is sports equipment, containing 3 discs of golf approved for the practice of Ultimate and disc golf. These are Putter, Midrange, and Driver discs, specially designed for this sporting activity. These accessories are distinguished by their perfectly adapted weight and dimensions.

They are made with a special material that combines strength and lightness. This design provides precision extreme trajectory and increased stability.

I recommend this sports kit for novice players who are new to Frisbee golf. This equipment is also suitable for training sessions for experienced players and professionals. They are perfectly up to standard for official competitions.

  • Nice weight
  • Good quality
  • No


We hope you have found the best disc golf putter from the mentioned disc golf. The one that suits your style and needs is the best one for you because every player has different expertise and throwing style.

If you want a high score and listen to the sound of chains, we recommend Innova DX Aviar Golf Disc .

The disc golf putter maintains the straight flies during short distances and doesn’t fade at the end. You can easily throw at higher speed in long and short approaches.

The keys to good practice

1. Play with Disc-Golf discs

Get discs specific to the practice of Disc-Golf marked “PDGA approved”, rather than leisure Frisbees. Start playing with 1 or 2 discs only.

 2. Play with several

 Play with family or friends, the joy of this shared moment will be even greater.

 3. Be patient

Take the time to learn how to play and if you get discouraged, think about this: The best players themselves started out as beginners.

Watching what they can do now on video and trying to figure it out is a great way to stay motivated.

4. Be vigilant

Always check that the surroundings are free of passers-by, bicycles, vehicles, etc. Never throw the disc if you risk injuring someone.

 5. Ask for help or advice

Disc golfers are usually involved to introduce new players. Feel free to solicit the players you meet on the course.

6. Have fun

 Relax and enjoy these moments spent playing outdoors!

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