Best Golf Balls for Average Golfer (2022)

There are different golf balls that have differences in spine rate, compression, quality, features, and layers.

Therefore the selection of best golf ball for average is important that can improve your practice. If you are the average golf player and want to boost your golf performance.  

We have reviewed many golf balls and choose the best golf ball brands for average players. These golf balls are selected on the basis of quality, performance, spin, and other factors.

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best golf balls for average golfer

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WILSON Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball,

List of Best Golf Balls for Average Golfer

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls, Prior Generation Brand: Callaway
Color: Yellow
Material: Polyester
Weight: 1.4 Pounds
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backpac 50 TITLEIST PRO V1X 2014 Brand: Titleist
Color: White
Material: Mint
Weight: 5 Pounds
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backpac Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball Brand: Wilson
Color: Green
Weight: ‎‎0.45 Kilograms
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backpac Titleist AVX Golf Balls Brand: Titleist
Color: Yellow
Material: Polyester
Weight: 1.4 Pounds
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Callaway Supersoft

Although its striking exterior design in pink may seem that we are talking about balls for women, this is not strictly so.

In this case, we are talking about soft-cut balls, with 38 compression points, which could effectively go through balls for women, but which can be used by all types of users.

The balls offer longer runs for players who do not apply too much force over long distances, improving their results.

In addition, the balls have a straight flight, thanks to their design, which helps to improve the precision of each shot.

So while many of these features could be unique to female models, the truth is that any player can benefit from the tight compression and control of this ball.

It is not easy to choose golf balls, because you must first know the product, so we summarize the pros and cons of Callaway Supersoft balls that stand out for their high quality.



With a compression level of 38 points, these balls are some of the softest on the market, which translates into greater speed with less impact force.


They are one of the balls with the highest rating among customers, as they have shown high performance at different levels of the most demanding players and have the approval of professional coaches for their softness and performance at distances.


The attractive pink color will make you stand out among the players on the field and you can get them quickly because they have greater visibility, but you can also choose between the other colors available.            



These balls are definitely not the cheapest, which is inconvenient for beginners on tight budgets.

Quantity: For some players, a 12-ball set is not enough.

Titleist Pro V1

Among the recovered golf balls, the Titleist Pro V1 premium proposal is one of the best on the market. These golf balls come from lakes and water traps having been rescued to maintain the care and quality corresponding to it.

These balls have been duly classified and treated to offer similar sensations, taking as a reference the characteristics of the initial balls.

Once chosen, they have been properly washed, stripped, and completely repainted to show their best image.

This game includes 50 balls at an economical and attractive price, which is why they have become the best golf balls for value for money of the moment.

Ideal for newcomer players and for their training on the starting bench.

With a wide range of products for golf practice, Titleist has established itself as the best golf ball brand for many professionals in this discipline.

For this reason, we present the Pro V1 professional balls with their positive and negative aspects to know if they are the balls you need.

Saving money and improving your game is possible thanks to this batch of cheap, but quality recovered balls.



It is an ideal set for beginner or entry-level players that will allow them to practice with high performance without investing a lot of money.


The ball recovery process improves the internal and external layer of the balls, to achieve a professional finish at a lower cost.


Because they are different balls, it is ideal for all types of players who want to practice swings and improve distances on field trips or initial shots.       

These recovered balls have been previously verified and treated, so that not only their external appearance is similar to that of new balls, but also when used, they offer the same pleasant hitting sensations.


Pro version:

Several customers bought the product without knowing that they were recycled balls and show their discontent by believing that they were buying original balls.

Compared to other models, based on the recovery of a specific type of balls, in this case, the batch includes balls from different brands and manufacturers, so there may be differences in their behavior.

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball

Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft golf balls are modern balls, designed by one of the leading brands on the market. These balls offer modern compression technology with which you can get better sensations.

This helps to improve the distance traveled on each shot, while maintaining the feeling of control over the ball. A model that is longer and firmer than any other ball on the market.

The game includes 12 balls in white, with Wilson’s own decoration, offering a pleasant format of external holes with which you can maintain that control.

Some balls that, due to their design and quality, have become the best golf balls, according to users.

Wilson never ceases to surprise his audience, which is why he presents what many players consider the best golf ball of the moment, the Dx2 Soft. Here we list its main aspects so that you know more about this product.

It is a ball that offers a good hitting experience by providing softness, in addition, due to its compression it can help to achieve greater distance.

Its specific design has been balanced, so that we can count on a ball with good travel during the stroke, also offering good control sensations when marking the trajectory of each stroke.

They are golf balls that can be very suitable for long serves due to their level of compression. Being soft they offer a good feeling of control, for this reason, they can be considered as adequate.

A classic among intermediate and advanced players that allows obtaining better control results in any area of ​​the field.



The rubber core makes this ball a softball since its compression level is 29, which translates into less deformation as a result of the impact.


It produces a softer sensation at the moment of the hit, improving the player’s performance, this factor depends on the two-layer construction of this ball.


The ionomer cover favors high serves to increase hitting distance and the 302 dimpled surface offers a high level of aerodynamics on these golf balls.Pack:

This set of 12 balls is a good investment, with an excellent value for money and backed by the Wilson brand.     


The surface appearance of the balls after a game is likely to deteriorate, however, they can continue to be efficient.

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Second Chance 100-NIK-BOX

Second Chance 100-NIK-BOX golf ball

Having quality balls at an affordable price is possible, thanks to recovered golf balls. The advantage of this product is that, compared to other generic models, it comes from Nike brand balls of grade B, duly recovered and treated.

This system has the advantage of offering us a constant product with known behavior.

So that they are suitable for both newcomers and those users who already know how it works.

The Second Chance 100-NIK-BOX golf ball set has a total of 100 units, they have received the usual treatment to offer their best image and performance, and incorporate an exclusive marking to properly identify them. A good proposal to maintain a little more control over your golf balls.

This practical set is positioned among customers as the best golf balls for $50 since it is very economical compared to other packs that offer 12 units for 20 euros. Below we describe its pros and cons.



This set of 100 balls will give you the peace of mind of spending your free time practicing golf without limitations due to the number of balls.


They belong to Class B, which indicates that all the balls are recycled but that they perform efficiently as they have been recovered from lakes and water traps.


It is one of the cheapest sets in the comparison, a smart purchase for beginners.             



The selection process could be improved, since out of the 100 balls, several customers received an average of 4 somewhat damaged balls.


Several customers suggest that the finish be more homogeneous between the balls, especially the color theme, as they would look better if they all had the same coloration.

Links Choice Top Flite

Links Choice Top Flite golf ball

Continuing with the recovered golf balls, the Links Choice Top Flite model is another good proposal, which stands out among the most attractive and cheap.

As usual, these balls have been rescued from the water areas and other complex places in the fields and have received a treatment of structure analysis, refining, and repainting to be able to offer their best image and characteristics.

As a novelty, these balls correspond to grade A, the highest quality in the range, so that they offer pleasant sensations when playing.

All this without forgetting the blue finish that gives them a different touch and makes them easier when looking for them in the field, unless they return to the water, of course.

If you still do not know which golf ball to buy, we recommend you review the characteristics of the Links Choice Top Flite, balls recovered with the highest quality standards to provide the best performance to amateur and professional golfers.

These grade A recovered balls offer the best sensations and strength when playing, both in training sessions and incomplete runs.


Grade A:

This qualification certifies that the recovered balls are of high quality and were only restructured on the outside since their core remains intact for a good performance in each shot.


They are available in various colors, which is very useful to differentiate yourself from professional players since they are designed for amateurs and beginners in this sport.


It has a modest price for a set of 12 balls, and if you are a beginner it will be a good initial investment while you polish your golf skills without spending a lot of money in the process. 



Among the available colors is soft blue and one user says that with this color it is difficult to distinguish the ball from the grass.


In this article we have mentioned in detail the different best golf balls for average golfer. All theser golf ball are good in quality and feature.

We recommend you to use this golf ball.

Main Features of Golf Balls


So that the ball does not suffer deformations when playing with it, this model provides a compression level of 29.

This translates into a good tolerance to the impacts of a service, for example, which are usually made with greater force than focused ones. to cover a short distance.

This quality makes it possible to use them again and even many times and their behavior during the flight will remain adequate.

On the other hand, due to its manufacture and characteristics of the core, it is considered a softball, this means that at the moment of the hit a wide area of ​​the ball will come into contact with the surface of the stick.

This allows it to reach several grooves of this and therefore it is possible to apply a greater effect to the blow.

This is used by many players to create reverse effects when the ball hits the green. On the other hand, it gives a good sense of control in the game, which for several players is very attractive, something that we cannot forget is an important part of this sport.


To provide low air resistance, this ball features 302 circular dimples deep enough to help reduce friction. This can allow the ball to go further with less effort.

In addition, its white color will help you to locate them more easily so you do not lose too many balls during the game.

On the other hand, it is a ball built so that when landing its spin is lower, in this way it will not roll in an inconvenient way, exceeding too much the area in which it has landed.

This can help you have better precision if you have the ability to get the trajectory in the air just right. But lowering the ball you don’t want it to drift, so it may be appropriate for long serves.

Regarding its composition, we must add that this ball model is made up of two layers, with a rubber center and an ionomer coating, this makes it more resistant to scratches.

Set and uses

So that you can have a sufficient number of balls for your game, the set offered by Wilson on this occasion consists of 12 balls, properly packaged.

Additionally, they may be a good choice for players of varying skill levels in the game of golf, but will probably help beginners mostly to fine-tune their skills, especially serving.

What is the best golf ball of 2022?

New, recycled, for them or for them, golf balls offer us a wide variety of models and designs perfect for everyone.

But, since surely what you want to know is which is the best golf ball of the moment. We are going to give you some ideas so that you know what you will find in the market.

Without a doubt, our selection of the best golf balls of 2022 is very practical for you in this regard.