Best Golf Balls for Beginners (2022)

What are the best golf balls for beginners and high handicaps?

The answer seems obvious, a golf ball that offers good performance at a reasonable price. However, the reality is quite different, since not all players who are starting to play golf present the same game.

Some have more swing speed, others have a very particular swing, some generate slices, close the ball, go further, etc.

In short, the ball that may be suitable for an amateur player may not be suitable for another, also a beginner. But why is it crucial to understand this well?

If any golf enthusiast had asked us in our early days which ball model we would have preferred to use on the course, 99% would have answered that a premium ball, such as the Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x or the TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x and even those of other big brands like Mizuno, Bridgestone, Srixon or Callaway.

Top Pick 1

Top Pick 2

And the decision would be totally wrong because the characteristics of the game of a beginner or with a high handicap prevent us from taking advantage of the benefits of high-end balls correctly.

In fact, it may happen that such qualities play against us.

Being aware of all this, let’s start with the analysis of the best golf balls for beginners!

Best Golf Balls for Beginners

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls Brand: Titleist
Color: Red/Yellow/White
Material: Polyurethane
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backpac TaylorMade RBZ Soft Golf Balls Brand: Titleist
Color: Yellow/White
Material: Blend
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backpac Wilson Staff DUO Golf Ball, Soft Brand: Wilson
Color: White soft+
Material: Composite
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backpac Callaway Warbird Custom Personalized Golf Balls Brand: Callaway
Color: White
Material: Ionomer
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backpac Srixon AD333 Golf Balls (12-Pack) Brand: Srixon
Color: White
Material: Polyurethane
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backpac Wilson Golf Tour Velocity Distance, 15 Balls Brand: Wilson
Color: White
Material: Composite
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backpac Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls (One Dozen) Brand: Srixon
Color: Yellow/White
Material: Plastic
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Titleist TruFeel

Titleist’s TruFeel is the model that tops our list due to the number of satisfied users who play it . Titleist is synonymous with quality, and this golf ball is perfect for all beginners.

The touch is soft on impact and the distance achieved is generally similar to that of premium balls. More than recommended for any player who is starting in this sport.

  • One of the best value for money options
  • Ultra soft touch and feel
  • Distance greater than that of other competition balls
  • Trusted quality and consistency
  • Gives very good results on shots with irons
  • Does not offer the smoothest possible feel when hitting the green

TaylorMade RBZ Soft

Taylor Made is another of the greats of this sport. It is one of the best golf ball manufacturers and ensures quality and durable product.

The Rocket Ball Z are softballs that allow great control of direction and distance, they are ideal for the short game with irons and on the green.

The fact that it is a soft golf ball allows the impact of the ball with the golf club to be much smoother and more fluid in each hit, guaranteeing more precise hits.

Many players like that with this ball can better control spin and distance, which means more control. Boats on the green are cushioned thanks to its softness.

Those who buy these golf balls prefer to gain precision over distance and rarely change models after trying it.

In the end, in golf, it is all about gaining consistency, it is better to do 100 m in a straight line than 150 m in a slice!

  • REACT core for increased performance with the driver and irons
  • Soft-touch model that achieves maximum control.
  • Great touch in the short game
  • Smoothness for hits to the green
  • The smoothest RBZ ever created
  • Small reduction in distance compared to other models

Wilson Staff DUO Golf Ball

Wilson Staff DX2 golf ball is one of the best golf balls for beginners; designed by the prestigious sports brand Wilson, a leader and pioneer in the manufacture of articles for golf.

After almost 100 years of writing the history of the sport, in the hearts of the fans and athletes, there is no company that has had more weight or has been as committed to building the foundations of golf as Wilson has. And he shows this with the creation of his DX2 ball line.

Wilson Staff  DX2 ball box contains 12 balls.

Made of a very soft material, composed of 2 layers, making them ideal for all types of golfers, and ideal for achieving long distances.

They are in white and are made thinking of all types of golfers, from beginners to the most veteran, reducing to the minimum the possibility of spin in the drive.

With this marvel of sports engineering, the DX2 balls with their great resistance and quality will provide optimal performance on the green. 

Inside, it is designed with a rubber core, which makes it unique in the market, in addition, it provides greater elasticity and speed against each impact with short and medium irons.

Its coating is made of a specialized ionomer, in which they have worked a lot in the development department of the brand, to achieve the necessary standards in the manufacture of their balls.

Wilson Staff DX2 golf ball is the lowest compression ball on the market, which gives it a very soft feeling on impact, especially in the short game, compared to its predecessor, it is 25% more smooth, offering more control in the short game.

The Wilson Staff DX2’s ability to achieve greater distances is also guaranteed because these golf balls give the golfer a softer feel.

Using the DX2, you will achieve the greatest distance with the drive and you will be able to try long serves from the fairway that you will successfully reach, which is even more guaranteed by its ability to fly directly from the tee area, due to its minimum percentage of spin. Making this golf ball one of the best in the world.

  • One of the best sports brands on the market
  • It has low spin percentage.
  • High coefficient of restitution index makes the quality of DX2 balls one of the best in the world
  • It can travel a greater distance to high speed.
  • The beautiful design in white. It is made with all kinds of players in mind
  • They offer better control in the Green area. 
  • It’s ideal compression of 29, manages to give it greater elasticity and speed in each stroke
  • Its strongest characteristic is not robustness

Callaway warbird

  • Excellent low price for one of the best brands on the market
  • Aerodynamic hexagon design
  • Designed to help players achieve greater distances
  • Different color options
  • The deck may feel a bit stiff for hits to the green

Srixon AD333

  • Great performance and quality at an unbeatable price
  • FastLayer core that maximizes speed
  • Low spin design
  • Golf balls for all types of players, from professional to amateur
  • They perform quite well on windy days
  • The cover wears out faster than other balls

Wilson Golf Tour Velocity

  • Ideal option for players who are starting
  • Pleasant hitting feel and playability on short shots and on the green
  • Good flight path due to high energy, low compression core
  • Improved aerodynamic dimple pattern
  • Superior performance and more power from the tee
  • The stiffer cover may not appeal to all players

Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls

  • Features 324 dimples and minimal wind resistance
  • lowest compressions ball
  • Good feeling on shots around the green
  • It allows to obtain straight and long trajectories
  • Performs well with swings faster than expected
  • Low spin model
  • Due to their design they tend to roll more on the green than urethane covered balls.


That’s all you need to know about golf balls before you choose them. Making a choice in view of these details will prove to be easier than it seems.

To take stock, your choice of golf balls should be based on your level and the sensations sought.

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Why shouldn’t a beginner use premium balls?

The high-end golf balls are designed to be “high compression” balls.

What are the possible reasons?

Because they are designed to be hit with a very high swing speed, that is, so that the head of the club that we use, especially that of the driver, hits a speed greater than 160 km / h, more or less the required to bend a stiff or high rigidity rod.

Why beginners can not use premium golf balls?

Because only at such speeds does the premium ball achieve its mission: contract as much as possible when hit, to decompress along its flight path and increase its speed and distance.

The majority of new and low handicap players do not, as a general rule, reach impact speeds higher than 135-140 km / h (with the driver, since with the irons the speed is reduced by about 15 km / h), which means that they are not able to take full advantage of the advantages offered by these high-end balls.

This results in a loss of distance and control with each hit, which significantly impairs your game!

What is the solution?

Luckily there is a remedy to this problem, and it is none other than to counteract the effects of “high compression”, or what is the same, use a ball with a different compression, use “medium” or “low” compression balls.

How to choose balls according to our level?

The more our level improves, the more you will feel the need to try balls that will give a bigger spin. However, if you are a beginner stick with the most popular balls on the market. They will allow you to find your marks.

Which golf balls for a beginner?

I would advise you to aim for rather hard balls if you are new to golf. How to recognize this type of ball?
Rather hard balls often consist of two pieces. The latter are themselves made up of a fairly large number of cells, varying according to the balls.

In addition, these golf balls will be rather inexpensive and present the perfect choice not to “shoot you in the foot for your debut”, rather than going for more premium balls, which are far too expensive.

You can try entry-level brands from Topflite, Wilson, Ultra, and Inesis. The Titleist Velocity, TaylorMade Burner, Callaway Warbird, and Mizuno D201 are great choices when you’re just starting out.

What golf balls for the average player?

If you are between 18 and 36 index, I would advise you to bet on a three-layered ball instead. With this type of ball, you will generally find Urethane, a particular material that helps control the ball.

The balls with three pieces or three envelopes demonstrate good flexibility which allows them to offer a better touch. The Vice Tour, Titleist NXT, Srixon AD333, Titleist NXT Tour, Callaway X2Hot, and Srixon AD333 Tour are very suitable for average players.indexes

Which golf balls are for an experienced player?

We end with very good players. Their choices generally turn to soft or so-called soft balls which are the best for going the distance and enjoying the best sensations. These are the ones that will give you the best touch possible.

The softballs Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1X, Srixon Z-Star, Vice Pro and Vice Pro +, Bridgestone B330, and TaylorMade TP5 are the best balls for this purpose.