Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicapper

Selecting of the best golf ball is certainly not easy task for mid handicappers when there are a lot of options in the golf balls brands industry. The golf balls you play in golf have a significant impact on your performance and score as a mid-handicapper. The best golf ball will put up with a lot of your mistakes, reduce ball damage, and save you money.

Most mid handicappers have medium to low swing speeds. I will help you in choosing the best golf balls for mid handicappers so that you will be able to make a good score in golf.

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Top 10 Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicap Golfers

Mid handicappers are the golfers who perform between 80 and 89 on a par 72 golf course. Mid-handicappers are superior to the ordinary golfer, with more tee shots, pars, and exceptional scores.

If you are nervous on the golf course because you don’t wish to drop one of your new golf balls. So you should consider buying these best golf balls so that you will be confident during your playtime.

I will provide you with my top 10 best golf balls for mid-handicap golfers with the pros and cons. It will help you to make the best decisions in your golf performance.

Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicap

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls Brand: Titleist
Color: White
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backpac Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls Brand: Srixon
Color: White
Material: Synthetic
Check Price
backpac Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls Brand: Bridgestone
Color: White
Material: Plastic
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backpac Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls Brand: Callaway
Color: Yellow
Material: Other
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backpac TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls Brand: TaylorMade
Color: White
Check Price
backpac Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls Brand: Titleist
Color: White
Material: Other
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backpac TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls Brand: TaylorMade
Color: White
Material: Ionomer
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backpac Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls Brand: Vice
Color: Red
Material: Urethane
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backpac Titleist Velocity Golf Balls Brand: Titleist
Color: White
Material: Other
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backpac WILSON Staff DUO Golf Ball Brand: WILSON
Color: White
Material: Plastic
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1. Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicapper

The Titleist tour soft golf balls are the best golf balls for 15-20 handicap golfers. It will provide you with a longer distance, a soft feel, and good spin control. Titleist is one of the popular golf ball brands you’ll come across when looking for the top 10 golf balls.

The Titleist Tour Speed definitely excels when it comes to the best distance golf ball. It offers you fast golf ball speeds and excellent launch on the golf field. The golf balls give you a low compression core and unique covering features and make you a proper tour performance.

The structure of the Titleist Tour Soft golf balls is confused by some golfers. It does not have urethane or ionomer covering, but it has 4CE covering like the ionomer polymer, but it is thinner, which helps the ball feel better on the golf course. Due to its 342 cuboctahedron dimples and a responsive feel, Titleist tour soft golf ball will fly straighter and more consistently in trajectory when you strike it on the golf course.

Therefore, it’s a ball designed for mid-handicap golfers with medium compression. The technology-based core structure in title tour soft golf balls lets you hit the golf ball in penetrating flight. When you consider the Titleist tour soft’s durability, you should be able to play multiple holes with it.


  • Ideal for swing speeds ranging from slow to medium
  • The distance off the tee is excellent with drivers
  • Excellent control in short games
  • Valuable and durable golf ball
  • Ideal for tee shots


  • Only two-piece structure golf ball

2. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

srixon golf ball for mid handicapper

Srixon is the top-rated golf ball for handicap golfers. When searching for the best soft golf balls to use on the golf course, the Srixon soft feel golf balls are one of the best options to play.

It’s the best two-piece design golf ball that provides you with a soft feel but hardens outwardly. The Fastlayer technology in the Srixon golf ball provides a pleasant feel to the ball on hit. Moreover, you will get a better distance off the course. Ionomer material is used in the outermost layer.

The outer layer of the golf ball appears to have a 338-speed dimple pattern that will improve your performance. It reduces drag during the flight, but increases lift on the golf way down. The Srixon golf ball will give you a compression of about 60. It’s better for you than the current ultra-low trajectory. It keeps your golf ball distance from the golf course better than the distance from the tee with moderate compression.

You will also get an exceptional launch speed from the Srixon golf ball. Due to the obvious qualities, the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball is worth considering for buying the best golf ball for a mid-handicap player.


  • Provides a good feel in or off the golf course
  • The softness of the ball hit is remarkable
  • Effective for increasing distance
  • Great spin control on the green
  • On grasses, it’s easy to spot
  • Good putter alignment


  • Scuffs are easily to get on its thin coverings

3. Bridgestone E6 Golf Balls

Bridgestone golf  ball for mid handicapper

The Bridgestone e6 golf balls are the best for mid-handicap golfers who are having problems finding a golf ball that offers both distances on the golf course and performance around the green. It is the best low-spin golf ball.

The Bridgestone golf balls offer standard aerodynamics that enables you to reduce drag and improve your putting stroke. You will also benefit from its increased distance and best accuracy on the golf field. It is a two-layer structure golf ball with an ionomer layer that is thinner, softer, and more responsive in feel. The center of the golf ball is more significant as compared to its previous models, yet it still has a low soft compression rate of 60.

The Bridgestone golf balls have 330 dimples that will enable you to reduce drag, straighten the ball striking, and improve distance. As the spin rate is not high as compared to the more expensive tour ball, so it is an ideal golf ball for mid-handicappers like you who may enhance your golf scores.

So, you’ll be able to make a good play with these golf balls in trajectory and recover them more quickly after slices and hooks. When hitting on the green, the softer feel enhances your performance to spin the ball.


  • Compression is low, which improves more distance
  • A good option for slow to mid-swing golfers
  • Enables to keep a straight golf ball flight
  • Best golf ball for bogey golfer
  • Considerably low driver spin
  • Reasonable price golf ball
  • Increase golf ball speed


  • On bright days, a glossy texture might glare at the sun

4. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

callaway golf ball

Callaway golf balls are the top 4 in my list of the best mid handicap golf balls. The Callaway Golf Supersoft offers you four different colors that fit your demands, whether you want brilliant yellow, matte, pink, or multi-colors. So in this way, the Callaway supersoft golf balls get the reward for the best golf ball for females on my list.

The latest model of the golf ball has a paraloid hybrid covering that is more useful and durable than the ionomer. It also contains a softer structure that gives you a ball with a low compression rating. The soft structure of the ball gives the exceptional feel and the ability to control the ball when you swing the ball to make a shot.

It is the ideal golf ball for the mid handicap golfer because of its low compression. It improves your ability to make accurate strokes. It provides you with a hex aerodynamic design that reduces drag and enhances lift for a long-range shot. Thus the Callaway supersoft ball is perfect for the average player who wants to improve his speed and hit straight long shots.


  • Compression is low to support longer drives
  • Gives a fantastic feel with the wedge face
  • Low spin, less drag, and enhanced lift
  • Enhances the low swing speeds
  • Perfect for straight trajectory
  • Affordable price golf ball


  • For some mid handicappers, it is too soft

5. TaylorMade Noodle Soft Golf Balls

Taylormade noodle golf ball

It ranks in the top 5 positions in my intermediate golfers’ best balls list. Taylormade Noddle golf balls are the best mid-price golf balls that will enhance your performance in the golf game.

It’s worth an option for you if you’re looking for a good two-piece golf ball. With their low price, these TaylorMade golf balls perform an excellent job generally for amateur players. The TaylorMade noodle golf ball contains two layers that give you a thin covering, a large core, and more than 300 dimples that will enable you to make good scores in a golf game.

The most notable benefit is that you get fifteen and twenty-four golf balls from TaylorMade two packs. They’re affordable enough that you can purchase many bundles simultaneously and save half the price of other TaylorMade golf balls. Due to the large amount, you may play with the Noodle golf balls as practice balls in competitions without breaking any USGA restrictions.

TaylorMade, in my view, is doing its best with these Noodle model golf balls that hit the propulsion core and thin iothane cover and offer you extra distance on the golf field. The covering is durable and soft enough that enhances your spin with a good feel.


  • The putters and drivers provide you a soft feel with it
  • Easy and effective control of the golf course
  • Enhances the speed and driver distance
  • Provides good distance in a golf game
  • Good spin golf ball
  • Valuable golf ball


  • Only white color is available on a golf ball

6. Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

titleist pro golf ball

It is the best distance golf ball for 12 handicap golfers. The Titleist Pro V1x golf balls are among the most famous in the golf industry. Without the Titleist pro v1x, any list of the top ten best golf balls will be incomplete.

I adore the Titleist Pro V1x’s spin technology, and it’s the distance where you will observe the difference. The Pro V1x’s overall structure allows you to make an exceptional distance on the golf course. The Pro V1x’s spin will help a mid-handicapper control the ball on the golf field. As the Pro V1x isn’t the slowest spin golf ball in the industry, so don’t over spin it.

It is the best choice if you want to achieve some great distance off the tee without altering your golf game. The Pro V1x golf ball gives you high-quality materials. If you are an intermediate golfer and want a golf ball to adjust for the slow swing will significantly advantage from the Titleist Pro V1x.

This golf ball also supports you in achieving a maximum trajectory and consistent flight. It gives you a softer urethane elastomer covering so that you enjoy a low spin in the long game. The Titleist Pro V1x comes in useful when you want to take control of your golf game and enjoy a drop-and-stop short game.


  • Consistency in flight with a high trajectory
  • Produces a soft feel when wedge hits
  • Good control in the short game
  • Best mid-range golf ball
  • Good spin golf ball


  • Little costly golf ball

7. TaylorMade Rocketballz Golf Balls

taylormade golf ball

It is the best golf ball for intermediate players. TaylorMade Rocketballz golf balls are the best value golf ball on my list as they come in three different sizes: a dozen, two dozen, and three dozen. The more you spend, the higher the value of the golf ball packet.

This TaylorMade golf ball gives you the ideal two-piece structure with a thin ionomer surface. Undoubtedly the ionomers coverings are often firmer than urethane, but it offers you more stable and long-lasting golf balls. These TaylorMade balls are appropriate for you when you want such golf balls that are used for many holes.

Rocketballz golf ball contains 360 dimples that let you hit the golf ball flight straighter by reducing drag. When you hit the golf ball with the medium or long irons, you will achieve extra distance due to the mid compression rate and high react core.

Overall, I believe the TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed is the best practice golf ball for all types of golfers. It is also the best golf ball for amateur players.


  • Good grip and spin golf ball on a golf course
  • Excellent value golf ball for the money
  • The clubface gives the medium-soft feel
  • Simple to maintain control
  • Good quality golf ball


  • Offers only white golf balls

8. Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

vice pro soft golf ball

The Vice Pro is the best golf ball for low swing speed lower mid-handicap golfers. As it is the best golf ball for accuracy, so it stands in my top ten golf balls list for mid handicappers.

The Vice Pro Plus is a good alternative to the Titleist Pro V1x, but it does need little faster swing rates to improve your performance. If you are a golfer with a slow swing speed usually challenging to obtain a short game spin. You will spin by this golf ball when you combine it with a good wedge and the correct method.

The Vice Pro Plus gives you a long-range technology that is a good feature for a low spin golfer because it keeps the golf ball straight. A urethane-covering three-piece golf ball will help in your golf performance. It offers the players many color options even with reasonable pricing. The matte covering is also your preference because it has a more “sticky” feel.

It contains the best 3 piece structure with the urethane cover. Vice pro gives you low compression with an extra-soft and responsive feel. The 336 dimple structure makes it durable and stable.


  • The matte neon red surface improves visibility
  • Urethane covering gives the maximum spin
  • Best for low swing speed golfers
  • Variety of colors available
  • Reasonable golf ball
  • High-quality golf ball


  • The sound or feel is not so good

9. Wilson Staff Duo Pro Golf Ball

wilson staff golf ball

It is the best golf ball for mid handicap golfers at a valuable price. Wilson golf balls are often ignored in the top golf balls list, but I consider them to be outstanding.

The Duo Professional will be ideal if you generally hit the ball straight and want extra lob wedge spin. The best thing about the Duo pro golf balls is that they provide you with a high white color with a urethane cover. The world’s soft urethane covering helps you perform well in golf competitions. The Wilson offers the mid golfers a compression rating of 60, which will be suitable for you if you hit at medium to low speeds.

The three-piece feature gives you better long-distance as compared to other cheap golf balls. The 362 dimples in the Wilson golf ball enhance your trajectory and distance on a golf course so that you hit at almost every shot. Its packet also provides you with 12 golf balls. It enables you to make a longer trajectory than any cheap competitive 3 piece design golf ball. So it is also a valuable golf ball.

Wilson gives you the 6% tour spin on the golf field. Therefore, you may select it if you are from a mid-handicapper to a single-digit handicapper.


  • 60 compression is suitable for low compressions
  • Urethane covering does not make it scratchy
  • A tour standard golf ball with half the price
  • High-end golf ball with the less cost
  • Good quality with durability
  • Helps in alignment


  • Not easy to control the golf ball

10. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

best golf balls for mid handicap

I end my list on the Titleist Velocity golf balls. The Titleist brand golf balls are more famous in the golf market. But the Titleist Velocity golf ball model is famous for being the best mid-compression golf ball.

If you are a player with a mid-handicap and do not want to use an ultra-soft ball all of the time. You should prefer Titleist velocity balls with a mid-compression for longer distances. You will still obtain a smooth feel, low spin, and consistent ball flight by playing with this Titleist model golf ball.

The Titleist Velocity ball offers you the unique covering that isn’t generally ionomer or urethane that you observe in many golf balls. It’s actually the combination of the NAZ and Surlyn. It is firm as the Surlyn, but you will also get a soft and responsive feel. You will perform wonderfully due to this combo.

In this situation, you don’t need to swing quicker to hit the ball at a longer distance. The Velocity ball performs with a spring mechanism, enabling you to convert your velocity into a faster distance while maintaining ball control. Even if you play with mid or long irons, this golf ball performs admirably.


  • Good longer distance on the golf course
  • A high-quality golf ball material
  • Easy and simple spin control
  • Best for 20 handicap golfer
  • Variety of color options
  • Affordable golf balls


  • Matte orange color is not suitable for golf

Buyer’s Guide

You should select the Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicap that will help you to improve both your score and your performance. What standards should you consider when buying golf balls? Your solution is found right here. You will quickly pick the right golf ball by considering the following buyer’s guide.

1. Compression

The first factor you should consider is the compression of a golf ball. The compression factor of a golf ball will determine the hardness. Low compression golf balls are softer than high compression golf balls as it affects a golfer’s performance, so an average golfer must select a ball with the appropriate compression according to his talents.

Nobody wishes to hit a ball as hard as they would rock. So you should buy golf balls that are soft and sensitive enough to give you a realistic feel while avoiding damage to your club faces. Generally, the low to mid handicappers should use soft golf balls.

2. Construction

The layers that comprise a golf ball are considered its structure. It is also an important parameter to consider for buying the mid handicap best golf balls. The structure and design of the golf ball also determine the golfer’s speed and consistency. A ball’s cost increases as the number of layers increases. Usually, two-piece and three-piece golf balls are ideal for mid to low handicappers.

3. Distance

In my view, all mid-handicap golfers particularly look for a good distance golf ball. Without more effort, you all wish to hit the golf balls longer with your irons. A good distance golf ball will give you a fast-reacting core and a thin covering. So before buying a distance golf ball, you should think about your swing speed, goals, and even budget.

4. Dimples     

You should choose golf balls that contain dimples on the exterior surface. The dimples in golf balls not only give you an attractive appearance but also help in reducing drag and enhancing the trajectory.

5. Durability

It’s also essential to buy such a golf ball that will last long in your many golf games. You should not buy a golf ball that gets scratched quickly on the golf course because it is useless for you. Surlyn or urethane coating golf balls offer substantial scuff resistance for long-term performance.

6. Pricing

You should also concentrate on buying the best golf balls at a reasonable cost that ranges according to your budget. Low or mid-handicap golfers select the budget-friendly golf balls. Only the expert golfers require expensive golf balls and are consistently making a score in the 70s.


I believe my guide to the best golf balls for mid-handicappers has enabled you to select the right golf ball that perfectly suits your golf game. My list of best golf balls will help you enhance your performance in golf competitions. 

The Titleist Tour Soft golf balls are my personal favorite balls, and it is also a better option for you if you are a fast swing speed golfer. The Bridgestone Tour golf balls are also distinguished as the best overall golf ball because of their outstanding performance. It is up to you to select such a golf ball that matches your needs.


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Q1: What kind of golf ball  a mid handicap golfer plays in a golf game?

A mid-handicapper should play with a two- or three-piece structure golf ball to perform best in golf competition. Distance or golf ball control should also be considered. The most significant advantage you get from a two-piece golf ball is the range and straight flight.

Q2: What golf balls are the most accurate?

TaylorMade Soft golf balls are the most accurate golf balls, ranking first. Moreover, the Bridgestone e6 golf balls, Callaway Super Soft, Srixon Soft Feel golf balls, and Titleist Tour Soft golf balls are the most accurate golf balls for play.

Q3: Should intermediate golfers think about golf balls?

Obviously, golf balls are essential for all types of golfers, even amateurs. Good scores, handicap numbers, talents, and play experiences may be affected.

Q4: How do you understand a golfer with a mid-handicap?

Although there are no standard level criteria, a mid handicap golfer is someone who competes with a handicap of 11 to 20. It indicates that you should be able to hit in the 80s in every round and break 90 in the other rounds.

Q5: What is the best golf ball for a 15 handicapper?

A Bridgestone Tour B RX will help a golfer with a 15 handicap. The 15 handicap golfer can obtain outstanding distance on the golf course, perfect accuracy on iron shots, and get enough spin to prevent the golf ball around the green with the Tour B RX.

Q6: Are the urethane covering golf balls preferable?

When heat applies to urethane, the substance’s hardness may alter, giving a softer covering to the ball. So, golf balls with a urethane surface are easier to handle due to their softness and give you better distance control.