Best Golf Cart Batteries

Golf cart batteries are the soul of the golf carts. Although your golf cart came with batteries, it will need the replacement of batteries after a few months of use. Improper battery usage is the most common problem that causes golf cart fires. It is essential not to allow golf cart batteries to overcharge, as this can damage golf carts and impair their capacity to maintain charge.

You will tackle the problems with the best golf cart batteries. The ideal golf cart batteries should have a long-lasting charge, allowing you to play for an extended period. Here, I make a list of the top 10 golf cart batteries.

Top Pick 1

WindyNation 100 amp-Hour 100AH 12V 12 Volt AGM

Top Pick 2

ExpertPower 12v 33ah Rechargeable Deep Cycle Battery

Top 10 Golf Cart Batteries

You can choose from the top golf cart batteries to get the correct battery for your golf cart. In this article, you’ll look at some of the top best batteries for golf carts on the market, considering their technical specs, pricing, reviews, and overall performance.

1- Expert Power Battery

best golf cart batteries

One of the best options for you to consider for the best 12-volt golf cart batteries is the Expertpower battery. I like the Expert power battery because of the company’s reputation, among performance and other things. The brand name alone is enough to put your minds at ease, and ExpertPower is famous for producing high-quality sealed lead-acid batteries. Therefore, I’m confident in its performance.

The battery offers you up to 3.3 amps for 10 hours and has a capacity of 33 Ah. The rechargeable battery provides you with a maximum DOD of 100 percent and can run for up to 260 cycles, and I suggest that you use it at 50% DOD to raise the number of cycles to 500.

You can replace it with 36-volt golf cart batteries by connecting three of these batteries in series to get the same voltage. One of its unique characteristics is the absorbed glass mat technology, enhancing temperature resistance.

You can select it because it is safe to use. The plates in the battery absorb the acid, and it’s also worth noting that the primary body material is non-conductive plastic. Some customer found that the charging capacity of the battery is little slow.

  • The casing is shock and vibration resistant
  • The lifespan is estimated to be five years
  • Deep cycle battery working is better
  • The installation guide is simple to use
  • Affordable, powerful battery
  • Durable case battery
  • Charge capacity is low

2- Windy Nation Battery

battery for golf cart

If you want to buy multiple batteries at once, the WindyNation battery is the best golf cart battery for you. Although WindyNation is a relatively new golf cart battery company, it is still worth it. The WindyNation battery has 99.995 percent pure virgin lead, allowing for a low discharge rate and a higher overall maximum power storage capacity.

With dimensions of 13 inches in length, 6.8 inches in breadth, and 8.7 inches in height, the big battery weighs 66 pounds and gives you many features. It is a golf cart AGM battery, and it provides you with the best 12-volt golf cart current output, which is ideal for connection.

The WindyNation golf cart battery is a superb mid-range alternative that still provides you acceptable performance statistics and good value for money. For starters, this golf cart battery has a battery capacity of 100 Ah, which is rather impressive.

The batteries for golf carts should survive an extended period, mainly if they expose to typical temperatures over time. The low discharge rate of Windy Nation batteries is a massive bonus for you. It is also the perfect choice for grid power like Solar Systems, RVs, UPS, Offshore Marine Power, Telecommunications, Portable Tools.

  • The AGM batteries use to prevent spillage
  • The Battery capacity is relatively high
  • Capacity is 100 amps per hour
  • Good quality battery
  • Well protected battery
  • Low rate of discharge
  • Costly in comparison to other 12V alternatives
  • Absent of charging cycle

3- Chins LifePO4 Battery 

12v golf cart batteries

The Chins golf cart battery is ranked third because it is one of the most significant high-end golf cart batteries available. If you wish to buy a golf cart battery that is long-lasting and lightweight, then it is a perfect option for you.

It’s a 100 Ah battery capacity with a long-range for your golf cart. The best aspect of the chins pro battery is that it can provide a large capacity while operating at a conventional voltage of 12 volts golf cart battery.

This golf cart battery can withstand more than 2000 cycles in terms of reliability, which is impressive. In reality, due to advancements in production and increased use, lithium-ion batteries are starting to become inexpensive golf cart batteries. Of course, the disadvantage is that the initial cost will always be expensive.

Considering its LiFePO4 battery type and its excellent 10-year guarantee, you can believe this golf cart battery will last a long time. Another fantastic feature is that lithium-ion batteries have a better energy density, a more consistent performance, and more power.

When overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, or short-circuited, a LiFepo4 battery does not burn, and it can resist high temperatures without decomposition.

  • Excellent battery with high power
  • The exterior shell is quite durable
  • Lightweight and simple to move
  • Capacity is higher about 100Ah
  • Long-lasting for about 10 years
  • The voltage rating is standard
  • Ideal for long-term use
  • Initially high price

4- Ampere LiFePO4 Battery

best golf cart battery

Ampere battery is also a top-rated battery for golf carts. If you want a stable and long-lasting golf cart battery, the Ampere Time golf cart battery is one of the best solutions. It not only has high reliability, but it also has a battery capacity of 100 Ah. The battery may also use with any golf cart because it has a standard voltage output of 12 volts.

The main benefit of the PO4 golf cart battery is that it is ideal for long-term use due to its 4000 charge cycles. You can depend on it for a decade due to its 10-year warranty, and the lithium-ion battery might last ten years or more. So, it is a long-term investment for you that will save your money and time.

The LiFePO4 battery is a high-quality, lightweight battery that weighs around 25 pounds. One or two of these batteries may be all that’s required to keep your golf cart running smoothly. You may safely attach to any position because the battery has no acid. Moreover, the best 12 V battery for a golf cart is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about installing it indoors or outside.

  • Perfect for long-term use and maintenance
  • The super quality golf cart battery
  • 4000 charging cycles are great
  • Good 100Ah battery capacity
  • It reduces the cart’s weight
  • 10-year warranty
  • Safe to use
  • Expensive golf cart battery

5- Universal Power AGM Battery

best electric batteries for golf cart

You won’t go wrong with this battery selection if you want the best deal on electric golf cart batteries. 

It provides outstanding value for money because it comes in a two-pack. It is a good choice for you if you need a backup. The battery is famous for its high-quality products.

It is also the top 12-volt golf cart battery that is lightweight. I’ve seen many big, hefty batteries that don’t work well. The good news is that the durability is unaffected by the reduced weight. Universal Power Group offers a solid 1-year warranty regarding the durability of the golf cart batteries.

When it comes to golf cart batteries for long-range use, the Universal Power Group golf cart battery is a powerful option for you. With the Universal Power Group golf cart battery, you receive a battery capacity of 100 Ah and a standard voltage output of 12 volts.

Although this AGM type might not appear as good as the best lead-acid batteries on paper, it can hold its own after installation.

The Universal Power Group has produced a powerful battery to drive the golf cart around the field. The AGM battery weighs less than 60 pounds and is shock and vibration resistant, and it is the most cost-effective option on my list.

  • The best AGM battery for spill prevention
  • Shocks and vibrations are not the issues
  • Maintenance-free design battery
  • High-quality golf cart battery
  • Durable battery
  • Not a long time warranty

6- Trojan T-105 Battery

6v golf cart battery

One of the best 6-volt golf cart batteries is the Trojan T-105, and it is the top-scored golf cart battery from reviews. 

The Trojan offers a large capacity, a high amperage rating, and high-quality housing. Their batteries are well-known for their dependability and long life cycles. Both consumers and experts have regarded Trojan batteries as leaders in their respective categories, indicating that they produce technology that keeps them ahead of the competition.

The Trojan T-105 battery enhances power and performance. This product ensures maximum energy and is unmatched by its competitors. Each 6v battery provides 225 amps per hour, allowing for continuous power. Unlike other batteries, Trojan’s unique innovations ensure that its power supply is never interrupted. If you are on the longest days on the field, the batteries deplete at a slower rate, allowing you to drive carts. You can also charge and discharge it 750 times which makes it top review battery. The weight of the battery is 550 pounds.

A Trojan is the cheapest golf cart battery on the market for cost per amp-hour as it packs in a maroon casing that is relatively strong and will keep the battery safe. If you use the Trojan battery, you’ll need to clean the terminals.

  • Excellent for solar battery bank
  • Battery capacity is 225 Ah
  • Strong and resistant casing
  • Best 6V battery for golf cart
  • Ideal for large size golf carts
  • Affordable golf cart battery
  • Easy maintenance
  • Not a long time warranty

7- NPP Storage Battery

top rated golf cart batteries

NPP is one of the top six AGM brand golf cart batteries worldwide, with six mega-factories spread worldwide. You can replace golf cart batteries with 12 volts batteries that can endure a long time and resist extreme situations. NPP is a popular battery brand because most golf cart batteries are high quality.

The NPP golf cart battery’s capacity is 200 Ah. It gives you a good recharge cycle rating of 1200 cycles, making it suitable for long-term use. NPP Deep cycle AGM Batteries consist of thick absorbent glass mat (AGM) separators and innovative valve control technology that prevent acid leakage and regular maintenance of golf cart batteries. 

It provides a 10+ year stable service life under ideal float charge circumstances. You may double your voltage from 6v to 12v by connecting two 6v batteries in “series” but not the amp hours.

It ensures that the battery you buy for the golf cart will have sufficient capacity and perform effectively. NPP is a global company specializing in researching and developing renewable energy products like SLA, AGM, deep cycle, lithium, and gel golf cart batteries and their production.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about removing rust and corrosion from the battery, which might cause it to wear out more quickly.

  • Best for solar power and motor home
  • High-security golf cart battery
  • The easy installation setup
  • Long term usage battery
  • Sealed battery
  • Expensive golf cart battery

8- Marine AGM Battery 

electric golf cart batteries

The Lifeline GPL-4CT Marine AGM battery is dependable with a high-quality design and a 5-year warranty. The battery offers you a large battery capacity that is effective for your golf carts. The shock- and vibration-resistant shell and an M8 threaded insert made of copper alloys are good features. It is one of the top golf cart batteries on Amazon due to the best 6 volts golf cart replacement battery.

In addition to having a strong structure, I’d like to point out that it’s passed stringent quality checks. It is most important to know that this battery creates in the United States and comes with a five-year warranty, which is industry-leading. Because the manufacturer believes it will last a long time, they are not hesitant to provide a comprehensive warranty.

You might be easily discouraged from purchasing this product if golf cart battery prices are a significant concern. You may depend on the battery to give long-lasting power after being ultimately charged. In contrast to its less expensive competitors, it might deplete quickly and can be irritating to use.

I am confident that the performance is exceptional. The fact that it is leakproof adds to its longevity, and it has no weak points that might cause the battery to leak.

  • Use up to 80% of the available capacity
  • Number of applications with golf carts
  • The Good battery capacity of 220Ah
  • Shock and vibration resistant shell
  • Leakproof design
  • 5-year warranty
  • It may be heavy for some golf carts

9- Mighty Max Battery 

golf cart battery reviews

The MightyMax golf cart battery is also a good option for you. This UL-certified, completely sealed battery is one of the best maintenance-free available batteries.

The Mighty Battery ML35-12 golf cart battery ranks in the reviews because it is a reasonable budget-friendly choice for you. It is also one of the lightweight batteries on my list, weighing just over 63 pounds.

The golf cart battery is compatible with a wide range of vehicles because it is a 12-volt battery. It does not require any maintenance in the long term because it uses a gel battery. It also offers vibration and shock-resistant build, like many of the best batteries for electric golf carts.

The computer-designed components, particularly the tin alloy, make this golf cart battery replacement even better. You may not need to check for water and electrolytes to maintain optimal performance continually.

The absorbent glass mat technology improves gas recombination efficiency while lowering the amount of maintenance required. Moreover, a higher power density enhances the battery’s overall performance.

  • Shock and vibration resistant battery providing pure power
  • Best deep cycle battery with AGM technology
  • Free maintenance with the rechargeable solution
  • Good battery capacity for golf cart
  • Affordable battery for golf cart
  • 30 days return policy
  • Not long-lasting battery for golf cart

10- Trojan T-875 Battery

trojan golf cart battery

Your selection of the best golf cart batteries ends with a product that uses Trojan’s Grid technology. If you want to buy numerous batteries for your golf cart at once, the Trojan T-875 golf cart battery is a good choice, and it is because there are six batteries included in the package.

The Alpha Plus Paste with proven T2 technology is another unique feature that makes it an excellent choice for the best 8v golf cart batteries. It increases the battery’s maintenance capacity, providing more working power. The battery has a 170 Ah capacity rating, ideal for long-range output from your golf cart. It also has a low discharge rate, which is a bonus.

Depending on the storage circumstances, the discharge rate may range from 5 to 15% every month. The golf cart battery provides you with a 2-year guarantee, an excellent option for long-term use. I suggest keeping the battery cold and dry to avoid a high discharge rate.

  • Innovative technology improves battery performance
  • Large golf carts benefit from Trojan T-875 battery
  • Excellent quality battery for eight volts
  • 6 batteries included in the package
  • The long-lasting battery
  • Low rate of discharge
  • High battery price

Buyer’s Guide for Golf Cart Batteries

It’s essential that you get the correct batteries for your golf cart, whether you’re replacing old batteries or changing to more powerful ones. As I’ve explained, the best golf carts batteries have better performance in function and long lasting.

I’ve also given you the key features and characteristics for each of these golf cart batteries that will help you to choose the best battery for the golf cart. If you’re still not sure, have a look at the following comprehensive buying guide for the new golf cart batteries:


It is essential to verify whether any type of battery for your golf cart is compatible with your golf cart before purchasing it. Simply stated, the voltage of your batteries should equal that of your golf cart.


When it comes to replacing new batteries in your golf cart, you’ll want to be sure it has a long driving range. You want batteries that can last a long period on a single charge. You should consider your golf cart’s capacity rating since a more excellent capacity rating is always preferable. There are capacity ratings of 16 Ah, 35 Ah, and 100 Ah available among the alternatives available.

Technology for Batteries

Although your golf cart’s engine may require a specific voltage and amperage to perform correctly, the battery technology you choose is entirely up to you. Lead-acid, flooded batteries, Sealed lead-acid Gel and AGM batteries, Lithium batteries are the technologies for golf cart batteries. The cheapest choice is generally flood batteries, while the best option is sealed batteries.


Despite its significance, this is one component that most people overlook. The golf cart may become a burden when you pick a larger battery. It means the engine needs to work harder, which adds to the cart’s weight. It is preferable to use a lightweight battery that does not compromise performance.

Charging Speed

When you do not have the time to wait for a battery to charge, think about which one charges the fastest without affecting overall performance. The charging speed verify by the kind and quality of the battery.


For most buyers, the cost of the battery is the main factor. Cheap golf batteries will most likely attract your curiosity. Don’t make your decision just based on pricing. Many of the famous companies’ models are costly for a reason. Don’t consider buying a cheap battery if you want a superior quality battery.


If you want your golf cart batteries to last a long time, you should look at the warranty duration in addition to the charge cycles. Although most cheap alternatives come with a 1-year or 2-year guarantee, specific high-end solutions might even come with a 10-year warranty.


You can easily ride for hours and enjoy your favorite activities, whether it’s golfing, riding around the country club’s green areas, or anything else, with the correct golf cart battery. That is why selecting a battery with the correct voltage, and a large capacity that allows you to go longer distances is essential. The great choice of best golf cart batteries on my list may help you to use with your golf cart.


Q1: Is it possible to use three 12V batteries in a 36V golf cart?

You may replace the six 6-volt batteries in a 36-volt golf cart with three 12-volt batteries, often simpler to buy.

Q2: Which is the best 36V battery charger for a golf cart?

Revenge Golf Cart battery charger is the best 36V golf cart battery charger.

Q3: What is the best way to test golf cart batteries?

A voltmeter is the most straightforward technique to test a golf cart battery. Some golf carts require 6- or 8-volt golf cart batteries.

Q4: How Does Golf Cart Battery Work?

The batteries for the golf cart work similarly as other batteries do. The electrolyte has lithium salts or sulfuric acid, while the anode and cathode are consist of plates when the battery discharges a chemical process that produces an electrical current. When the battery charge, the reverse reaction happens.

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