Best Golf Clubs for Teenager (2022)

About 25 million Americans play golf. As you can assume that this is a game intended for adults, there are many children who love golf too.

Children cannot properly use adult size golf clubs until they are teenagers because they are not tall and tall enough. For a child who wants to play golf, children’s golf clubs are a necessity.

If you have a son who dreams of being a great golfer, the best thing you can do is support him and offer him all the necessary tools to achieve the goal he wants.

Usually, the training of this sport begins around 5 or 6 years, so it is advisable to attend shared classes with young people of the same age for greater motivation; likewise, he must use the most appropriate implements according to his development.

Precise Teenager Complete Golf Set is one of the best golf clubs for teenager. It has the best quality and is durable in use. There are best golf clubs for teenager that is specially designed for them.

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best golf club for teenager

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best golf club for teenager

Today we introduce you to the Calaway XJ Hot D, a complete set of 7 golf clubs for boys and girls ages 9-12. The US Kids Golf UL 48 is another recommended model and consists of 5 clubs made of flexible graphite.

List of Best Golf Clubs for Teenager

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set Brand: Callaway
Hand Orientation: Both
Material: Graphite
Color: Blue/White
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backpac U.S. Kids Golf Ultra Light, 5 Club Stand Golf Set with Bag Brand: US Kids 
Hand Orientation: Left
Material: Graphite
Color: Grey/Teal
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backpac Ben Sayers Right-Handed M1i Junior Package Set with Stand Bag Brand: Ben Sayers
Hand Orientation: Both
Material: Graphite
Color: Blue/Orange
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backpac Young Gun ZAAP Eagle Junior Kid Golf Club Youth Set & Bag Brand: Young Gun
Hand Orientation: Both
Material: Graphite
Color: Green/Red/Yellow
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backpac Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set for Kids Brand: Confidence
Hand Orientation: Right
Material: Graphite
Color: Blue/White
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backpac Nitro Blaster Pro Golf Set Junior Brand: Nitro
Hand Orientation: Right
Material: Blend
Color: Silver/black
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backpac Prosimmon Icon Junior Golf Club Set & Stand Bag for Kids Brand: Prosimmon
Hand Orientation: Right
Material: Wood
Color: Yellow/Black
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backpac Paragon Rising Star Kids/Toddler Golf Clubs Set Brand: Paragon
Hand Orientation: Left
Material: Graphite
Color: Red/White
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Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set

 If you want to surprise your son or daughter with some high-quality golf clubs, which provide all the necessary support to go to the field to practice their favorite sport, this model could be an excellent option.

It is a set that has the prestige of the Callaway brand, a leading company in the field of golf. It is made up of a set of 4 light, resistant clubs designed for different plays and throws.

You can easily organize and transported thanks to its comfortable lightweight bag, which has 5 zippered compartments, a water bottle holder, a double strap, and a practical hood that protects the set from the rain.

Its dimensions are 35.6 x 30.5 x 127 cm and its weight reaches 3.63 kg, which helps children to take the set to the field without any problem.

This model of clubs enjoys a wide positive evaluation by many buyers, who know the prestige of the brand and the quality of the product.

  • This complete set of golf clubs has 4 different clubs that will help your child in training and playing.
  • Its design and light weight favor precision in launching the balls at different distances.
  • It is the most expensive set in our comparison table.
  • However, it is a high-end product, with resistance and quality, which offers you a long useful life.

U.S. Kids 2017 Golf Ultra Light, 5 Club Stand Golf Set with Bag 

Unlike other sports, golf encourages fair play in children. With this set of golf clubs your child will have the opportunity to enter a discipline that fosters values ​​such as respect for the rules and their playmates.

This is a set of golf clubs recommended for boys and girls from 7 to 8 years of age.

It has an ideal design for the initiation of the little ones in this sport, as well as for those who are at an intermediate level of learning.

The sticks are made of graphite which gives the rods flexible, light, and resistant qualities at the same time; which favors the launch of the ball more easily.

This set consists of 5 clubs: 3 wood, 6 iron, 8 iron, PW, Putter, and a very useful double strap bag, which allows you to store all the equipment to enter the field in an organized and comfortable way.

It is a set of clubs recommended for children from 7 to 8 years old, especially in their initiation and intermediate stage.

  • This model of golf clubs is a set that offers you 5 light, flexible and resistant rods, since they are made of high quality graphite.
  • This facilitates the small best plays, at short and long distance.
  • If your son is a golf prodigy and is in an advanced stage.
  • This model of clubs would not be the most recommended for his level of learning.

Ben Sayers Right-Handed M1i Junior Package Set with Stand Bag –

If you want to introduce your little son to the exciting world of golf, where he will learn to improve his concentration and his motor skills, this could be the set you are looking for. This an ideal model for boys and girls from 5 to 8 years old.

There are 4 golf clubs, with a graphite handle that maximizes the precision of the throw, so that children get perfect plays.

It is a model that adapts perfectly to the stature of the youngest and given its lightweight, it is very easy to manipulate when swinging.

Ben Sayers also has a practical and functional bag that favors the storage of the equipment, its transport, and the comfort in the field to have each of the necessary clubs at hand.

In addition, it has support that keeps the bag stable and prevents it from tipping over. It is an ideal setting for little ones from 5 to 8 years old. Users appreciate its affordable cost and ease of use.

  • This set consists of a set of 4 golf clubs made with a graphite handle.
  • which allows children a better play; regardless of distance and terrain.
  • It also includes a bag for equipment storage.
  • Some buyers miss a larger size in the bag as the conductor sticks out a bit.
  • It could make it difficult for children to carry.

Young Gun ZAAP Eagle Junior Kid Golf Club Youth Set & Bag

The Young Gun ZAAP Eagle Junior Kid Golf Club set and bag created our top pick. This can be a set designed for smaller players.

There are 3 clubs plus they feature a super-flex graphite shaft for ease of use. Nightclubs included are a three wood, a 7 iron, and a putter.

Young Gun ZAAP Eagle Junior Kid Golf Club Youth Set and Bag Main Features:

  • Contains three nightclubs
  • Aerodynamic and lightweight design
  • Has a bag

Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set for Kids

The Confidence Junior Golf Club set with stand bag created our second place. It includes four clubs a motorist, a 7 iron plus a 9 iron.

All of these have graphite shafts and soft grips to make them very favorable for young arms and hands. In addition, it contains a white ball.

The luggage bag has a double shoulder strap, a four-way divider, four exterior pockets, an umbrella stand, a hook-and-loop glove, and a rain hood to keep nightclubs dry in wet weather.

These are recommended for children up to 7 years old as well as 137 cm in height.

Confidence Junior Golf Club Set with Tripod Bag Main Features:

  • Contains a pilot, two irons, and a putter
  • Includes rack bag
  • The bag has a double shoulder strap, dividers, exterior pockets, an umbrella stand
  • For girls and boys about 137 cm tall
  • Perfect for children from 4 to 7 years age

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Nitro Blaster Pro Golf Set Junior

Great for the budget

Nitro Golf Set Blaster Youth 6Piece Main Features:

  • Contains two irons, a driver and a putter
  • Contains a golf bag and a golf club cover
  • Graphite shafts
  • Ideal for young children
  • For right-handed players

Prosimmon Icon Junior Golf Club Set & Stand Bag

It includes a tripod bag that features a double shoulder strap, an eight-way divider, five exterior pockets, an umbrella stand, and a rain hood for inclement weather.

Each of the shafts are made of flexible graphite and all have soft handles for kid’s convenience. All of this is ideal for children under 137cm.

Main features of the Prosimmon Icon Junior golf club set and tripod bag:

  • Contains 5 clubs
  • Designed for left-handed children
  • Ideal for children under 137 cm
  • Contains a support bag
  • Flexible graphite shafts
  • Soft wrap-around handles

Paragon Rising Star Kids/Toddler Golf Clubs Set

Ideal for young children

The bag is flexible, so it won’t stand alone, but it’s simple for a little one to take. The collection includes three clubs.

You can buy this collection for right or left-handed kids, so be sure to check it out if you place your order.

Paragon Ages 3-5 Red Golf Club Set Main Features:

  • Ideal for small children
  • The carrying bag does not hold
  • Contains three nightclubs
  • Accessible to right and left-handed people


We have mentioned the best golf clubs for teenagers in this article. Now, you can easily select the best one for your children.

I personally recommend you to buy Precise Teenager Complete Golf Set . It is the best and having multiple features.

Buyer’s Guide

A pair of children’s golf clubs must meet a few essential criteria. Below are a few things to look for when choosing this place to buy.


The clubs should match the child who uses them. Take a look at the dimensions on the purchase page to see if it’s a perfect size.

You could even go by era; many junior club places are divided into demanding age groups.


The graphite rods allow flexibility and are lightweight for young children. Additionally, consider looking for a pair with wrap-around grips to prevent the club from slipping or stealing from their child’s hands.

Hold or hold the bag.

Having a golf club bag is a big plus. Some bags will stand on their own and some are just for carrying, so think in case you pick one up and try to find it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes of golf clubs does my child want?

Many children’s golf clubs are aimed at a specific age group. You can even locate the dimensions on a number of shopping pages.

One approach to determining how long a golf club should be would be to measure your child out of his breastbone in the ground and from his belly button to your ground. The period of the motorist should be between these dimensions.

When are the junior golf clubs?

Most children between 91cm and 1.5m will likely use professional golf clubs. As a rule, they are created for children from 3 to 12 years old.

Look at the recommended age for each set you are considering to determine if your child is the ideal age for these clubs.

When Should Children Start Golf?

Even toddlers can combine their grandparents or parents around the course or in the yard. Most areas will start formal education around the time the child is in kindergarten or first grade, so usually not before the age of 6 or 5.

It varies by location; Check with the regional golf course to find out if they offer lessons for young children and from what age.

How long is a golf club quantified?

A motorist is measured from the heel of the bar (which should rest on the ground) into the edge of the grip cap, which may not be the exact top of this club.

For a youngster, you’re going to want to locate a club that, when resting on the ground, is like involving the naval and sternum of the child.

The higher the ceiling of the bar, the greater the expansion, but the less it is, the easier it will be for the child to hold back.

What are the best golf clubs for kids on the market?

It is advisable that both parents and coaches know how important it is for boys and girls to play golf with implements adapted to their age and sex, and to avoid using the clubs commonly used by adults.

Since it is not advisable that the weight and the length be excessive for the little ones.
Golf is a sports discipline that is characterized by offering your children the opportunity to be in contact with nature and combat a sedentary lifestyle while allowing them to disconnect for a while from their technological devices.

The practice of golf also helps the development of concentration, creativity and relaxes the mind and body. In addition, it is an excellent activity to improve flexibility and promote motor coordination.

Whether your child aspires to start in the world of golf, or if he already has some kind of knowledge of the technique and you are looking for the most suitable golf clubs.

The market has a wide variety of manufacturers that offer you various recommended models for the youngest. That is why in your comparison you must select the product that best suits the age, height, complexion, and dexterity of your child.

First, you need to consider the length of the sticks. It should not be so short that the child loses grip and ends up sliding the club between his hands, nor so high that it is difficult for him to move to achieve a better swing.

The idea is to find a set of clubs that the child is comfortable with. On the other hand, you must pay attention to the rigidity of the rod, which must be flexible; this is why it is convenient to look for materials such as graphite and light steel.

As for the weight of the clubs, you should choose a model that is light enough for the age of the child.