Best Golf Driver For Beginners (2022)

The first thing beginner golfers should be careful about, to carefully pick the best golf driver for beginners to make sure you are set right on the golf course and take the maximum winning shots nearing the hole.

The golf drivers should get crafted for the more significant ‘tee shot,’ which is primarily the first count of the shot to make up for the great distance. And the right driver club for the beginners would ensure they minimize the number of shots taken to enjoy the golf to play like a pro fully.

We recommend you buy Taylormade golf driver. It is one of the best golf driver for the beginner. It has high quality and is long-lasting.

So, make sure to own the best golf driver for beginners and do not get worried about it in case you are not known with the buying aspect to decide which one to select.  Because we have listed the 10 right golf drivers that should be in the reach of beginners from day one of playing golf.

Best Golf Drivers for Beginners

TaylorMade – Best Golf Driver for Long Distance

Best Golf Driver For Beginners

Being a beginner, you can easily overcome the situation to portray like a professional golfer if you have this TaylorMade 460cc driver to make a perfect tee shot covering much of the distance.

It comes with a Titanium head coupled with the adjustable loft sleeve to achieve customized launch to set according to your preference and is made with a lightweight Titanium core for reaching the maximum launch along with the trajectory control.

With having the matrix white tie shaft to the standard 55 number to have you feel smoother in order to gain the maximum distance right after the shot. Aligned with a black satin finish to feel impressive with having it in your hand.

The speed profit performance placed on the sole of the club helps to hit the ball to go with the perfect launch and with a lower swing rate to make up with a reasonable distance.


● Comes with the regular flex to maintain the medium to long shots
● Standard sized 460cc clubhead
● Made with the lightweight titanium head with loft sleeve
● 55 white tie shaft
● Layered with a black satin finish


● Got the small sweet spot

Cobra King F8 – Best Golf Driver for Intermediate Players

cobra golf men king F8 driver

This beautiful and stylish Cobra King F8 golf driver comes straight to improvise the launching shot with being exclusively designed for men. The precision CNC milled face becomes one of the thinnest and most precise to hit the golf ball with maximum power.

Also, the inclusion of 360 aero polymer around the perimeter of the clubhead makes sure to minimize the chances of drag, and the face should hit deliver the perfect downswing to provide maximum speed to the clubhead to fill up the distance.

Constructed with ultralight 5-ply Carbon fiber, the Crown shades away most of its weight to make a shot with lowered CG and going deeper enjoy the improved trajectories with the increased forgiveness to minimize the chances of hitting the wrong move.

It is common to find the circular sweet spot placed on the center of the face of the driver, but Cobra Golf Driver does it differently. With its E9 Technology, it embeds the sweet zone in the elliptical pattern to have many hot spots to ideally launch the ball even if you do not intend to hit it through the center of the face to reach more height and cover more distance.


● Suited for the people with left-hand orientation and regular flex for the beginners to easily play with the driver
● Outclass shaft made from Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60
● 360 aero-innovative polymer to reduce drag condition
● Adjustable Fly 8 loft with SmartPad-8 to select the settings for changing trajectories and launch
● Optimized E9 technology to more full the sweet zone
● Designed with dual roll technology equipped with precision milled face


● CN milled face may cut up the balls after a few shots

TaylorMade M4 – Best Golf Driver for High Handicap

taylormade M4 driver

Designed for women with the beginning skills. This TaylorMade M4 driver is the best option for them to hit the shots like a pro! The curvature face with the more-corrective face angles delivers the shots with reduced spins while staying straight once hit.

The hammerhead strengthened the outer portion of the driver to draw down the face remaining lighter in weight and hands hit the golf ball with increased sweet spot and hitting with the center of the face.

The ball then gains speed and dropping the unnecessary spins to make the higher distance by slimming down the forgiveness that the golfer requires at the time of launch.

Feel the heavy sound as it comes embedded with the acoustic technology used to shape the sole to not only feel the ballistic sound. But the sole contours produce a large-sized clubface with the increased area of the sweet spot to up to 67 percent, which hardly any of the golf drivers in the market has. A shot made with TaylorMade M4 Driver, and you would not see where the ball has gone.


● Designed for the right-hand orientation with graphite shaft and the perfect flex for ladies beginning to learn to play the golf driver
● 10.5 degrees in-design loft for the maximum hitting by the sweet spot and gaining the excellent height on launch
● Geoucoustic-enabled to create the ballistic sound as it whips through the perfect shot
● Got the hammerhead slot which Increases the ball speed by dropping the spins to gain more distance


● May face problematic to use by high handicappers

Callaway Big Bertha – Best Golf Driver for Tall Man

callaway big bertha b21 driver

Loaded with advanced remote technology, this Callaway Big Bertha driver for men is famous for covering the distance beyond the expectations that we can have from a beginner.

Got constructed with the thin and fine-tuned face with remote technology, the ball hits to gain height with the increased speed if and if not run through the center to traverse the most distance at the launch’s time.

Got designed with a light and stable head to provide the aerodynamic shape to the head that makes to generate the clubhead hitting with a higher speed with keeping to adjust the classes of weight that allows gaining most of the swings by taking control of the adjustable perimeter through 10g slidable weight.

The heavier the clubhead more before taking a shot with adjusting the draw and face bias options to add in more power to your ball with ultimate forgiveness to flight close towards the hole.

Fix the adjustability of the driver sleeve with Optifit hosel by choosing from 8 different configurations to achieve the best setting for loft, face, lie angles. And then by merely sliding the weight to your preferred zone on the track to ready up the drive travel to maximum distance.


● Works best for the left-hand orientation designed the shaft material from Kuro Kage Black Tini 50
● Flex for regular gameplay along with 10.5 degrees to make the great height too long the reasonable distance
● Light, aerodynamic head
● 10g sliding weight placed on the perimeter allows providing right forgiveness level with maximum control
● Loaded with NextGen RMoto Technology


● The sliding weight may change its place on impact, so tight it with extra care

AutoPilot GX-7 – Best Golf Driver for Senior

autopilot GX7 golf driver

Comes designed with the natural loft of 14° and 267cc clubhead indeed would surprise you why it is shorter in the size of the clubhead while 460cc is in the scope, and the golfers are used to playing with the standard size (and almost everything of the standard format.)

But worry not, this AutoPilot GX-7 is not less than the standard drivers. The measured clubhead size of 267cc designed to fly towards the shorter lengths. Still, it would prove to be supplying you with better-controlled contact to gain even-better accuracy to travel the noticeable distance.

The 14° extra loft and lie angle of 58° by default allows you to hit gain the higher launch for the maximum distance, with the stock driver you would have to have made up for the height-based launch first by investing in standing the way to achieve that.

Got constructed the shaft with graphite material to keep it weightless and durable to withstand the missed shots contacting right with the ground. As well as the shaft flexes compatible to fit well for everyone from stiff to regular to senior and for the ladies as well to launch the tee shot with extreme flexibility.

Smaller in size and that is the best to hit the ball with added accuracy with the power to land on the high distance with less chance of hitting a miss to increase the likelihood of more forgiveness and the ball to get closer to the hole right from the first shot!

So, get acted as the pro golfer even if it is your first day at the ground, and we bet, AutoPilot GX-7 is going to be a perfect match. Due to its size, weight, and durability that combines every single feature the high-end golf drivers, which the pro golfers alike.


● 14 degrees built-in loft used by the right hand oriented golfers
● Made the shaft material using the graphite as well as the flex is best suited for Senior Plus
● Gain more control and make the accurate tee shot to traverse the distance with ease
● Long shaft for not missing the shots by making the precise swings to have less forgiving
● 267cc clubhead with 43 inches of the shaft may feel smaller, but the hits are just too accurate
● Designed for the average golfer wanting to hit 100 yards shot!


● May face the issue with adequately making the good hits to the expected distance

Adams Golf Speedline Super S – Best Golf Driver for Fast Swing

adams golf speedline driver

This Adams Golf Speedline Super S crafted just for men with the left-hand orientation and the flex level of intensity to use for regular golf play, and this driver easily tops the expectation of beginners when they first take it into their hands.

The style-rich and good-sized clubheads layered with the matte-finish white-colored crown, and that comes with the PVD face for the added contrast to achieve the style.

The slot under the sole of the club goes more buried beneath the heel and the toe that enlarges the sweet spot to let the ball come right into the highest contact of the face.

Along the lower CG placed on the way back of the clubhead, the amount of CG helps to launch the ball with the reduced spin counts to fly for the extended distance where the increased amount of spins could affect the launch to die down the speed.

And the fast fitting system to hook up the complete Adam Golf Speedline Super S driver placed together to gain the maximum amount of adjustability required for making the grand launch go beyond the expectations.


● Exclusively made for the left-hand people along flex type to use it for regular gameplay
● Integrated with the white matte crown along with PVD face for the enhanced clubhead size
● Slot placed deep inside the heel and toe for the good sweet spot coverage!
● Fast Fit fitting system for the enhanced adjustability given to the driver
● Lightweight shaft


● Built with the low quality

PGX Offset – Best Gold Driver for a Slice

PGX Offset golf driver

This finest off the golf driver from PGX is designed with the offset loaded with anti-slice technology to provide the counterbalance to the clubhead to hit with the extreme impact. The square-shaped face delivers the best impact, which is immensely important to keep the drivers straight.

And the standard size of 460cc comes with the larger sweet spot to enjoy the maximum forgiveness to hit your best shot with 10.5 degrees loft and lying to 58 degrees to reduce the dragged shot while gaining the maximum height to traverse the right amount of distance with playing your tee shot.

Labeled as the best driver for beginners, this Matte black finished weighs just about 200 grams with having crafted with the graphite shaft.


● Comes with the standard 460cc clubhead explicitly designed for the right-handed folks with the massive sweet spot
● Got the anti-slice technology with an offset design to not break the balls
● The matte black finish combined with white and green colors
● 10.5 degrees loft with being lying to 58 degrees for to height-gaining launch
● Weighs just about 200 grams


● It May not let you drastically reduce the slice

Mazel Titanium – Best 460cc Golf Driver

MAZEL Titanium golf driver

This man-suited (of course, we are talking about being built and consumed by the men), and the color is just heart throbbing. The golden-coated head would bring you in awe as soon as you stare at best driver for beginners.

Crafted for the men with right-handed orientation, the precision milled cup face design delivers the high-rated rebounds to experience the faster ball speed wherever it gets hit from and if the hit is missed even to complete the longer distance.

The overall head design with the robust and hard-formed 2041 titanium face comes with variable thickness and thinner to keep the driver stay lightweight to increase the swing speed to a faster pace when you are readying up for the tee shot.

Placed with the deeper face for the extended sweet spot area helps to achieve the maximum distance when hit through anywhere from the face. All you can expect the golf ball is going out of your visible sight by the time you play that most great tees shot.

The lower center of gravity to design the crown with which helps to cut down much of the weight to quickly reposition it to the lower end and way back in the head to experience the small but deep CG.

Play like a pro even if it is your first day on the ground!


● Stylish design for men with the right-handed orientation
● Fine and standardized 460cc clubhead
● Got the head built with 2041 high-end titanium material
● Low CG crown and 9.5 degrees loft for gaining the excellent speed


● Produces much of the loud noise
● Best for the mediocre handicappers

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King Par TEC Plus – MOI Golf Driver

King par TEC Plus 460

Let us bring this golf driver from King Par TEC Plus to open in its much more details. Though it looks simple from its outer look, it is not. Having the power to beat down most of the golf drivers designed for the professional golf play, this men-only and right-handed driver has enough ability to take a hit on the tee shot.

Ensured that it meets all of the allowed standards, and the notable one is always the volume the golf driver should not exceed from, its 460cc is by far the standard maximum allowed size to hit the best launch with confidence to have the right one in your hands.

As the MOI proportionally impacts the driver playability, the higher the MOI design used to craft this King Par TEC Plus driver to gain the larger sweet spot than many best driver for beginners. That ensures you have less chance of the miss-hit through its increased forgiveness to play the ball with real confidence.


● Perfectly designed for men to drive the perfect tee shot
● 460cc of the standard clubhead
● MOI intended to widen the sweet spot even to make a good shot with a miss-hit
● Comes loaded with Xtreme Distance III shaft to be called as one decent driver for beginners


● The much louder sound coming out of the face at impact

Wilson HDX – Golf Driver Launch Angle

wilson staff launch pad golf driver

And here comes our last pick of the best golf driver for beginners. It is coupled with the lightweight component to craft the design with and a whole lot of performance to make sure to cover the distance right from the tee.

To be specific, the alloy made with robust and ultralight titanium ensures it hit the golf ball with the full impact to launch and through improved trajectory to make up for the long ball’s flight. Caught up with the more massive clubface keeps its weight towards the lower part to only use it for hitting the long shots.

And then, the softer grip with the reinforced graphite-made shaft for the stabilized delivery of the clubhead to make contact with the ball for the enhanced launch to do one thing, closing in the range of total distance with the perfect launch and gaining the adequate height.

Made exclusively for the adult and the right-handed people and colored with the combination of black, red, and silver. An exclusive golf driver that is ready to bring you the results, and you would not have expected before entering into the ground, aiming to play just an okay game.


● Best for hitting the long shots
● Super lightweight
● Soft grip made for right-handed golfers
● Improved forgiveness on the misses


● Adult-only and weighs more than 350 grams


So, here we take adieu to the well-research collection of the top 10 best golf drivers for beginners selected based on various scenarios the beginners have to deal with at the time of learning to practice golf.

We recommend you use the Taylormade golf driver. It has been found the best golf driver.

And the best driver for beginners does play an important role in getting your start taken with the right shot! So, let’s enjoy the golf with having one of these in your possession and see yourself snipping down the long-distance in one shot!

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