Best Indoor Putting Greens

When your life becomes so hectic, you still look for ways to play better in the golf game. If you’re an enthusiast golfer and want to improve your golf game but do not have enough time to go on the golf field.

Then indoor putting greens are an excellent solution for you to improve your putting stroke at home. Indoor putting greens are important because golfers spend 40 percent of their practice time on putting greens. I will provide you with the best indoor putting greens for golf that you may use at home, offices, or anywhere for your golf practice.

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best indoor putting greens

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best indoor putting greens

10 Best Indoor Putting Greens Review

The following are my top options for the best indoor putting greens, depending on my experience. These golf putting mats enable you to improve your golf without going to a golf course.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac PUTT-A-BOUT Par Three Golf Putting Green Brand: PUTT-A-BOUT
Material: Polyester
Color: Green
Check Price
backpac SKLZ Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green Brand: SKLZ
Material: Carpet, Polystyrene, Latex, PVC
Color: Green
Check Price
Material: Crystal Velvet
Color: Green
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backpac PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat Brand: PuttOut
Material: Rubber
Color: Green
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backpac Putt-A-Bout Golf Putting Mat Brand: PUTT-A-BOUT
Material: Polyester
Color: Green
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backpac AbcoTech Indoor Golf Putting Green Brand: Abco Tech
Material: Plastic
Color: Green
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backpac ProActive Sports, VariSpeed Putting System Brand: ProActive Sports
Material: Polyester
Color: Green
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backpac BOBURN Golf Putting Green/Mat Brand: BOBURN
Material: Blend
Color: Green
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backpac PROADVANCED ProInfinity Putting Mat Brand: PROADVANCED
Material: Canvas
Color: Green
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backpac JEF World Of Golf Hazard Deluxe Putting Mat Brand: JEF WORLD OF GOLF
Material: Polyester
Color: Green
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1. Putt-A-bout Par Putting Green

best indoor putting greens

The Putt-A-Bout golf indoor putting green is the perfect option for you if you want to spread out a mat and play golf immediately. It is the best practice putting green mat that will significantly enhance your putting.

If you are a right-handed golfer you will benefit from its kidney bean design. The kidney bean structure helps you to align correctly when striking across or away from your body. The three-hole structure allows you to see the golf putt mat from different angles without exerting additional effort.

The Putt-A-Bout consists of PET resin, which offers you high-quality material that gives you the golf course feeling. It provides you with a non-skid surface that is big enough for diagonal putts. This low-cost putting green is made in the United States and gets a high average customer rating based on thousands of reviews. It does not give you a return function and has a steeper upward slope just at the end, altering the putt’s final role.


  • Give a grassy surface that is smooth and stable
  • Supports in alignment development
  • The golf mat is simple to carry
  • Reasonable pricing golf mat
  • Easy to use


  • Do not provide practice golf balls
  • Sometimes wrinkles appear

2. SKLZ Accelerator Putting Green Indoor

indoor putting green

Sklz accelerator pro is the best indoor putting green for home. It is perfect putting green for you because the indoor practice mat is less than 18″ in width and nine feet in length, making it suitable for practically any home or office.

This is the best indoor putting green with a ball return system that enables you to master in the golf game by its alignment instructions at 3, 5, and 7 ft. length. The SKLZ indoor home putting green improves your overall golf consistency. The return method is helpful for you to get the ball back on the golf mat, but the whole arrangement requires some adjustment.

You will get a good distance and alignment by the three different distances from the golf holes. So it is the best indoor putting green for you to improve your speed and directional control. You will also observe an upslope near the cup and a proper roll surface that looks like accurate putts.


  • With an easy roll putting mat, it’s portable putting green
  • Gives an Excellent automatic ball return system
  • Alignment guidelines help to be accurate
  • Mid-range price golf putt mat
  • Good quality


  • The plastic on the ball return is thin and readily bendable
  • The putting surface may be rippled

3. Perfect Practice Putting Green Mat

putting green for backyard

Perfect Practice green mat is the best-selling indoor putting mat that you may ideally use as a home putting green or in an office putting set.

The unique thing about the practice putting green is that world-popular golf players such as Dustin Johnson, Marc Leishman, and Jimmy Walker have used it and recommended it as the best-putting green for home.

The mat is designed to look and feel like a true putting green and offers you a good basis for practicing your putting stroke. If you wish for perfect distance control and accuracy, then it will be the best solution for you. This golf putt mat is an exact duplicate of a good putting surface, allowing you a good basis for practicing your putting stroke with a real feel of a green.

Your balls will roll at a rate of 10-14 on the Stimpmeter based on the floor below the mat, and other hard surfaces roll quicker than carpets.


  • Train-Track technology gives accuracy for both-handed players
  • Crystal Velvet material that resembles rolling on real grass
  • Clear identifying marks for improvement
  • Good quality indoor golf green
  • Auto return system


  • Expensive pricing indoor putting mat
  • Gives you a small hole

4. Puttout Pro Golf Putting Mat

putting greens for home

Puttout pro golf mat is the best indoor portable putting green and enhances your performance for golf putt. The Puttout putting mat helps you for easy, effective, and enjoyable practice for golf anywhere.

It is also a top-rated indoor putting green carpet with a reasonable size for practicing mid-range putts. The indoor putting green mat gives you the durable material with a rubber back surface that keeps it in place and prevents it from slipping. A simple meter value of 10 signifies a medium to fast-paced green, which may help you to improve your speed.

The Puttout pro home indoor putting green also promotes you to improve your putting skills. It also gives you alignment instructions at every step as the mat rolls up effortlessly and packs quickly so you can carry it in the shoulder bag. You should use the instructional markings and five drills provided to help you improve your game and your confidence when you are under stress.


  • Durable rubber backing helps for consistent putting
  • Improves speed control and accuracy
  • Gives you markings for the alignment
  • Provides a smooth playing surface
  • It’s simple to assemble


  • After a few putts, the balls begin to groove
  • No ball return system

5. Putt-A-Bout Golf Putting Mat

golf putting mat

Putt-A-Bout Putting golf mat is the best indoor outdoor putting green. When you are busy and do not have time to go to a golf course, you should use this indoor practice putting green to enhance your golf performance.

This large indoor putting green 11-foot in length and 36-inch in width putting green carpet allows you to play on the putting surface and putt from various angles. The putting surface will not give you wrinkles and creases due to a premium back covering. There are two golf stops on the long green surface of Putt-A-Bout that serve you as targets and holes.

You may roll it very tightly due to its thin material, although it is larger and thicker putting green. This golf putting green is usually better for golfers who already have a routine and want to play on it even when the weather is unfavorable. It is also the best putting green for its reasonable cost.


  • More portable than other indoor golf putting green
  • Ball stoppers that are easy to move and adjustable
  • Excellent quality outdoor indoor putting green
  • Worth the cost golf mat
  • Durable and stable


  • No backstop to help slow down uncontrolled putts
  • No training guidelines

6. AbcoTech Indoor Golf Putting Green

best indoor putting mat

AbcoTech is the best mini putting green that is helpful for your golf practice. It is ideal for putting greens in the backyard. It is a perfect practice putting green for homes and offices due to its portability and small putting green size.

This indoor putting green offers you a two-hole golf mat of variable sizes, with a smaller hole size than usual. The alignment line on the Abco putting green will enable you to set your putts correctly. Abco’s provides you with the best indoor putting green with a ball return system that the golf balls roll back to you and allow you to concentrate on your golf game.

The longer grass around the borders gives it the appearance of becoming a real green while also functioning as a backstop for missed putts. It rolls smoothly without creasing or folding due to the indoor putting green turf and matt combination. The small size and alignment line on one side of the mat makes it the ideal golf indoor putting green.


  • Multiple cup positions with a smaller size than usual
  • Offers good gifts and accessories to golfers
  • Gives three practice golf balls
  • Portable and durable golf mat
  • Long alignment line


  • Expensive price than other inside putting green
  • Not a high-quality golf mat

7. VariSpeed Putting Green

best indoor putting green golf

Varispeed is the best indoor putting green with breaks and four different speeds. The 10 foot putting mat is suitable for the basement putting greens, home putting greens, or anywhere else where there is a flat surface.

The VariSpeed putting green system provides you with everything that you’ll need to improve your putting stroke. You may get multiple green speeds and the custom break wedge that will help your putting speeds. You also receive a custom roller within the package, which can be used to adjust and vary the speed according to the monitored stimp readings, which enables you to best fit in any golf course.

The 10′ of length and 20′ of width in VariSpeed golf mat pack up easily and effortlessly. It offers a number of simple-to-follow markings that help you maximize your putting practice. The VariSpeed indoor putting green is ideal for improving your putting abilities while also entertaining your friends.


  • With a slope wedge and roller, you adjust the speed
  • Shot tracer provides immediate feedback on putts
  • Easily break down into move pieces
  • Smart alignment guidelines
  • Simple to roll up


  • Costly golf mat as compared to others
  • No ball return system

8. Proadvanced ProInfinity Putting Mat

large indoor golf putting green

It is also suitable putting green at-home practice for golf. It offers you three putting gates of various sizes that help you perform more in putting practices and improve your game.

The four distinct putting green speeds will also help in your putting practice. The pro infinity golf mat’s structure, as well as the top quality materials, enables you to compete best in your golf game. The two multiple-angle slope simulators will also help modify the putting green of your choice.

The Pro advanced golf putting home green also maintains your distance and direction control. It is a good choice for both expert golfers and beginners. It contains the anti-slippery covering on the below side that provides you stability on any floor surface.

It is also a good indoor putting green because you may choose four different stimp speeds that range from 8 to 12.5 according to your needs. You will also get a good ball tracking system by choosing this putting green.


  • Alignment guide help in your performance
  • Top-quality material used in green golf mat
  • Good for both experts and beginners
  • Gives 12 different ways to play
  • Rolls up easily


  • The hole size is larger
  • Expensive

9. JEF World of Golf Putting Green

best indoor putting green with ball return

The JEF golf putting green is also a large indoor putting green. It provides you with a high-quality golf putt mat that contains realistic grass. It is suitable mainly for office putting sets.

It is also a good decision for you if you need the low-cost indoor putting green with a ball return system. The balls return in a unique way that will not disturb your putting practice. The uphill slope in JEF putting green helps you in establishing the proper stroke stability. You will also get perfect practice due to its non-directional turf putting green.

Moreover, the cup size in the JEF golf mat is according to rules and regulations. It also gives you the bunker and water obstacle that will also help in your putting practice. It offers an accurate rolling system at a cheap cost. You may benefit yourself at any place, either at home or in an office, from this professional appearance of the indoor putting green.


  • Gives you accuracy for putting practice
  • Automatically ball return system
  • Good design golf putt mat
  • Cheap cost golf mat
  • True roll method


  • Not good quality golf putting green
  • Lack of flagsticks

10. BOBURN Golf Putting Green

best indoor putting greens

It is the last but not least on my list of the best indoor putting green. Boburn is also the ideal indoor putting green at your home putting practice. It offers you a soft and high-elastic surface that you may keep on any surface at home.

The Boburn putting green gives you three holes golf mat that resembles a golf course. You will get the stainless steel flag that gives you a realistic feeling like a golf field. This putting green is suitable for outside and inside, so you may use it in the backyard, basement, offices, or anywhere at home.

It has a stamp reading of 10, which is ideal for your putting practice. When you drop the ball on the boburn golf putt mat, it will give you a specific sound. It will be enjoyable for you to play with your friends.


  • Gives you flagsticks and two stainless steel cups
  • Offers you four different size options
  • The soft high-elastic foam material
  • Two-year warranty
  • Easy to roll


  • Not provide you alignment guidelines
  • Little costly than other golf putt mat

Buyer’s Guide

The following are the most significant factors that you should consider while picking which best indoor putting green will fulfill your requirements:

Material and Quality

It is essential to consider the material quality before buying indoor putting green. Low-quality golf mats will resemble carpets rather than indoor putting greens. Indoor putting greens that are made of synthetic materials may be as realistic as possible.

The highest-quality indoor putting greens will give you a thicker design, making you think as if you’re playing a golf putt on the 18th hole. You should also concentrate on the turf indoors putting green material that will not destroy your golf clubs. You should decide to buy such golf mats that contain thick PET that will protect the golf mats from rolling and make them durable.


For selecting the best indoor putting greens, size is an important factor to be considered, mainly when you have limited space. The larger golf mats will help you more in your practicing sessions. If you have less space in your home, you should look for mini-putting greens, but it will make you bored. Usually, you should buy such a golf mat that fits a minimum of 10 ft. in length and 6-8 ft. in width into your space.


Another factor that you should look at before selecting the indoor putting green for your home is portability. You should buy such a golf mat that is easily and effortlessly movable. The most important criteria that decide the portability is the size of putting green.

Larger and broader golf putting green will be difficult for you in storing correctly. When you think about folding the golf mat regularly, you should select the thick rubber material putting green that will minimize the wrinkles, curling, and bending.

Easily Useable

The indoor putting greens are mostly simple and easy to play, such as the golf field. But you should select the putting green for the home that provides you with the alignment guides. Moreover, the roll ball return system enables you to play easily without any effort.


Obviously, for deciding on indoor golf putting green, the cost is a vital factor to be considered. If you do not have enough budget for buying the indoor putting green, then look for a reasonable pricing golf mat with good features. I’ve also mentioned the best inside putting greens at a reasonable and expensive price, so you should consider buying such a golf mat that is according to your budget.

Final Words

I’ve provided you with all the information you’ll need to decide on the best indoor putting green. You should select such a home indoor putting green that suits your requirements. The ten putting greens on my list are among the best in the industry, providing consistent performance and clear and informative guidelines for improving your golf putt.

Indoor putting greens are inexpensive and can make you perfect in your putting stroke during the winter months. Therefore, if you wish to practice your putting golf but don’t have enough time to go to the golf field, an indoor putting green will provide you with a cost-effective solution. You can also find one of our other articles about the best golf simulator for under $1000.


Q1: Is it worth investing in an indoor putting green?

If you are busy in your life and can’t go to the golf field, an indoor putting green is a valuable option. Putting is perhaps the most crucial aspect of your golf, covering 35-55 percent of your total shots. So it is worth buying an indoor putting green for your practice.

Q2: What is the ideal length for putting practice green?

You should use 2, 4, 6, and 8 feet length measuring marks. The putting green indoor is available in three sizes: Compact (8 ft. length and 9” width), Standard (9.5 ft. in length and 15” width), and XL (15.5 ft. and 15 inches width).

Q3: Do inside putting greens actually help you improve your game?

Yes, an excellent quality mat with the correct rolling resistance will improve your game. You’ll feel that practice putting will improve your confidence and accuracy. After using a golf mat for a while, most individuals notice a substantial improvement in their putting stroke.

Q4: What putting club should you use on the home putting greens?

A wedge can be used for putting golf. You can also use any shot that you prefer on the golf field. You can hit with a wedge or an iron on the home putting green.

Q5: Is it possible to vacuum an indoor putting green?

Non-infill grass is easy to vacuum with a standard vacuum cleaner. While vacuuming too often might cause the turf to break over time.