Chrome Soft vs Pro V1

There are many golf ball companies which manufacture different types of golf balls that vary in quality. It will definitely be a difficult task for you to select the best golf ball among . The Callaway Chrome Soft and Titleist Pro V1 are two of the most successful and popular golf ball manufacturers.

Which golf ball should you decide to buy between the chrome soft vs pro v1?

The buying decision makes you so perplexed, but you don’t worry. I’ll compare the Callaway Chrome Soft versus Pro V1 that helps in your buying decision to select the best golf ball for you.

Chrome Soft vs. Pro V1

Callaway Chrome Soft

Chrome Soft vs. Pro V1

Before comparing, it’s better to introduce both golf balls individually. Callaway’s model of the golf ball is called Chrome Soft. Chrome soft golf ball was first to come into the golf industry in 2015 and is currently in its third generation. The Callaway company produces four-piece design golf balls with an extra feathery-soft urethane surface.

It’s a mid-compression golf ball, similar to the Titleist Pro V1, but the rate of soft chrome compression is 75, which is significantly less than the Titleist golf ball, which has a compression rate of about 90.

Recently, Chrome Soft offered you a graphene-infused core that is larger and softer, which gives you a higher speed rate, greater launch rate, and reduced spinning rate. All of these features combine to make the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls long and straight off during the golf course, particularly for golfers who want to hit at less than 95 miles per hour.

Callaway golf company also produces the urethane cover considerably thinner without diminishing its softness, for which it has become famous.


  • The urethane surface makes it one of the most durable high-end golf balls
  • The 4-piece structure provides a unique sensation, distance, and spin
  • It provides you with a significantly smooth texture than the Pro V1
  • The graphene-infused golf ball is easier to compress


  • Not suitable for young golfers that can’t swing less than 95 mph
  • A lower compression rate is also its disadvantage

Titleist Pro v1

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

The Titleist Pro V1 became the world’s most popular golf ball practically in March 2001 as pro v1 offers excellent distance, good texture and a reduced spin rate off the tee, and a topspin rate around the golf field. These features make them the best golf balls in the industry, with the highest selling rate.

It provides an amazing hitting experience due to a golf ball’s soft urethane and elastomer surface. It isn’t as soft as Callaway chrome that you imagine you’re striking a sponge, nor is it so hard that you experience it as if you’re hitting a rock. As the compression rate of Titleist pro v1x golf balls is about 90 that is a medium compression, considering it ideal for golfers with a higher swing speed. The pro v1 golf ball has a strong penetrating trajectory, while the lower trajectory is suitable for lower golfers.


  • The urethane surface makes it one of the most Provides good accuracy due to the less long spin rate
  • Stable and long-lasting due to the urethane covering
  • The best golf ball in the industry for 20 years
  • A good compression value of 90


  • Not suitable for young golfers that can’t swing less than 95 mThe three-piece design limits it considerably
  • Not softer than a Callaway Chrome golf ball

Callaway vs. Titleist Golf Balls Comparison

As you know, the Chrome Soft and the Pro V1 are excellent golf balls, but you should now select the one that best suits your preferences. Whether you prefer a softer golf ball that spins well or you may want a good-accuracy golf ball. To clarify your confusion, I will compare in detail chrome soft vs. pro v1.

Let’s see all the differences between Titleist pro v1 vs. Callaway chrome soft that will help you make your buying decision.

1. Design and Construction

The most important comparison between the chrome soft vs pro v1 is the structure of golf balls. The construction of a ball affects its speed, spin, and control. The difference between 3-piece and 4-piece is the extra core layer.

The Chrome Soft golf ball gives you a 4-layer structure that makes it the softest golf ball than the Pro V1. The four layers structure in Callaway golf balls enables the production of a low-spinning ball off the tee that spins faster around the golf field.

This golf ball has a Graphene-infused double soft fast core, which increases overall speed. As a result, you may consider your hitting speed to travel faster in your golf competition. The chrome soft golf balls have more flexibility due to the extra mantle layer. As the core of a soft golf ball is larger, it supports a more significant launch and a lesser spin rate. Consequently, the Callaway Chrome Soft gives you more precision in your golf game.

The Pro V1, on the other hand, comprises a three-piece structure and has a harder texture compared to chrome soft golf balls. The Titleist golf balls have the thermoset urethane elastomer covering that is smooth but a bit firmer. The Pro V1’s design also facilitates low spin and long distance off the tee while also allowing for faster spin rates and better accuracyin the overall game.

The golf ball’s central layer is a flexible isomeric ply that improves your golfing speed. The golf ball has a greater Gen 2.0 XG Process core that improves to reduce the spin rates, allowing you in more accurate strikes on the golf field.

Now you need to ponder the difference between Titleist pro v1 vs. pro v1x. The Pro V1 is a three-piece design golf ball that spins on larger strokes, while the Pro V1x is a four-piece structure golf ball with an extra layer that enhances the distance during the golf course.

You may also look at the main difference between Callaway ERC soft vs. pro v1 is the covering of golf balls. The pro v1 balls have urethane elastomer, while erc soft golf balls offer you ionomer covering.

2. Feel and Texture

When you strike the golf ball with your club, the feeling relates to the rhythm or irregularity of the ball. If your spin speed is slower on the golf field, you’ll need a golf ball with a low compression rate. It helps you to make longer shots, lower spins, and straight shots. Expert golfers like high compression rate golf balls because they hit the inner layers and have a faster swing speed.

The Callaway chrome soft compression rating is about 75 percent and offers you an extra-soft feel. The Chrome Soft golf balls are an excellent choice for you if you like the softest golf balls because it provides long-distance during the golf course if you have slow speeds. However, most golfers dislike an extra-soft texture because softness is not the ideal option for their excellent hit. So it mainly depends upon your personal preference. Generally, the Chrome golf ball is softer in comparison to the Chrome soft x.

Indeed, you will think what is the compression of a pro v1. The Titleist Pro v1 has a 90 % of compression rating, which is quite remarkable. So it provides a stronger hit feeling and is favored among most expert golfers. Although it’s more difficult to hit, it’s also more accurate. The pro v1 golf ball is not exceptionally firm and falls in the middle. It’s soft enough to stay on the greens. It will also improve your golf scores. That’s how soft vs. firm golf balls are differentiated based on feel.

3. Performance Distance

When you hit the golf ball off the golf course, it swings to a certain distance. You may determine golf balls’ accuracy and distance length by parameters such as spin and control. You should be careful that a golf ball that travels at a greater distance is more difficult to manage. You should also consider the difference between chrome soft vs. pro v1 distance.

As you’ve likely known, it is a soft feeling compression ball. So, if your stroke speed is even less than 90 mph, the Chrome Soft will undoubtedly make you achieve a little more distance because of its ease of compression. The lesser compression rate also adds distance to your hit when you have a slow to moderate swing speed. The Callaway soft golf ball is the perfect option for you if you wish to improve your golf performance while achieving a large off-tee distance.

As you know, the Titleist Pro V1 is a soft golf ball with a stiffer feel than the chrome soft. So, it provides you with exceptional distance and spin control off the tee. You should think of a low spin rate while striking the golf ball with the iron, giving a straighter performance. Hence, the Titleist is the best option for you if you want more precision in your longer strokes than in your shorter ones.

4. Spin Control

The dimples on the golf ball cause friction when you strike it on the golf field. They significantly minimize drag by providing a thin layer of air surrounding the ball. Thus, a ball with more dimples will regulate spin better than the other. You may determine the spin rate by the golf ball’s trajectory and distance traveled across the golf course.

Now I will compare the pro v1 vs. chrome soft in terms of spin control. Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball gives you a standard level of spin control. It offers 332 hexagonal dimples. The softer Callaway golf ball will be preferable for you around the golf course if you are less accurate or seek the “ball first” shot tough. Although the golf ball’s core is larger, the soft golf ball generates more spin.

The Titleist v1 golf ball gives you outstanding spin control despite its high speed. It contains 352 golf dimples in round shape, more than its Pro V1x model. Compared to the Callaway golf ball, the extra dimples in the Titleist ball maintain better control.

The Titleist golf ball has a slower spin rate than the Chrome Soft in the long golf game. Moreover, the Pro v1 has fewer spins, making it more suitable for heavy hitter golfers.

The comparison between the Callaway hex tour soft vs. pro v1 in a spin category is also necessary to wonder. The pro v1 golf balls offer you 352 tetrahedral dimples, while Callaway HEX tour softballs have 322 dimples with penetrating flights.

5. Trajectory

When the golf balls hit the golf course, you may determine their trajectory through height and angle. The trajectory may be high, moderate, or low, depending on the number of rolls. Most expert golfers want consistent trajectories, and a golf ball will significantly affect it. Usually, lower-skill golfers like to play a mid-trajectory ball, while expert golfers prefer a higher trajectory golf ball.

The Callaway Chrome Soft has a better aerodynamic shape in comparison to other Callaway golf balls. The Decreased drag not only decreases spin but also improves trajectory. As Chrome soft golf balls have a longer and softer core, it facilitates you with a high trajectory, which many expert golfers prefer.

Titleist Pro V1 golf ball also offers you a penetrating flight if you compress the golf ball with a firm hit. The pro v1 golf ball also has a great launch angle. Titleist golf ball swing travels in the middle of the trajectory and can stop in a second when it hits on the golf field. Consequently, you can rely on a consistent trajectory with the pro v1. So in this way, the trajectory difference between Callaway vs. Titleist is observed.

6. Durability

When you want to play golf game on a regular basis, you will undoubtedly require a long-lasting ball. Usually, a golf ball will last approximately 7 rounds in an 18-hole game.

The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball company produces high-quality materials with a urethane covering. Callaway golf ball scuff resistance is the best option when you are hitting the wedge strokes. So by buying the Callaway golf ball, you will be confident that it performs flawlessly even after extended use.

Although the Titleist pro v1 golf balls have the same urethane material as soft chrome, it appears not so long-lasting. So if you’re trying to find a long-lasting ball, the Titleist Pro V1 will not be a good buying option for you.

7. Pricing and Cost

Some people also consider the cost of golf ball selection. The Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball is an obvious winner in this comparison category. The Callaway Chrome Soft is $8.00 cheaper per dozen in comparison to Titleist Pro V1. However, price does not affect your golf game. Although the pro v1 golf balls are more expensive than chrome soft, they have become the best-selling golf ball of all time. The nxt tour is the best overall Titleist golf balls with the less expensive cost range.

8. Iron Distance

You should also need to think about the iron distance in addition to the tee distance and green spin, as the iron distance is usually neglected.

Happily, you may choose the Chrome Soft if you prefer a good iron-distance compared to the Titleist pro v1.

Which golf balls, prov1 vs. chrome soft, should you select?

If you are a beginner in the golf game, you should prefer to use the chrome soft golf ball with a slow swing speed. You may also use the Callaway golf ball if you are a high handicapper.

If you are a fast swing speed golfer, you should consider buying the Titleist Pro v1 golf balls. As the compression rating of Titleist pro v1 is high, many golf coaches suggest to beginners not to prefer the pro v1 golf balls. It is mainly experienced, golfers.

Final Words

So, what do you prefer for your buying decision between the Chrome Soft and Pro v1? Actually, it completely depends on your personal comfort and taste. Both are the best golf balls in the industry, but you should prefer the one according to your abilities.

Callaway Chrome Soft is famous for a number of noteworthy qualities like durability and the general structure of golf balls. It is ideal for you if you like low spin speed. In comparison, Titleist pro v1 is a good option for you if you want a fast swing speed, better trajectory, and a good spin rate.


Q1: What is the difference between chrome soft vs. tp5?

The main difference between the TaylorMade golf balls is the five-piece design golf ball, while chrome soft golf balls are four-piece structure golf balls.

Q2: What is the main comparison between the Callaway diablo tour vs. Titleist pro v1?

The main difference between the Callaway diablo tour vs. Titleist pro v1 is the construction. The Titleist pro v1 is a three-piece golf ball structure golf ball, while the diablo tour is a two-piece design golf ball with a lower compression rating than pro v1.

Q3: Which Callaway ball is like pro v1x?

The Chrome soft x is a similar golf ball to pro v1 x. It is also the best Callaway golf ball.

Q4: Is the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls suitable for beginners?

Yes, it is appropriate. Because of its low compression rating, many golf trainers suggested novices to use the Chrome Soft.

Q5: Which golf ball, chrome soft vs pro v1, enables you to hit at a longer distance?

The Titleist pro v1 golf balls help you hit the ball longer compared to the chrome soft.

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