Gas vs Electric Golf Cart

Golf carts help by relieving the load of carrying golf clubs on the field and have now expanded into a mode of transportation. But the selection of the right golf cart is challenging. It would be best to choose the golf cart that may suit your style or budget better than the other, so consider the benefits and drawbacks of each before buying gas or electric golf cart.

Let’s consider the complete guide on gas vs electric golf carts to help you select the golf cart. In comparison to electric carts, gas carts contain a thicker frame. In contrast to gas carts, electric carts require minimum maintenance and pollution-free carts.

Gas vs. Electric Golf Cart

How does Gas Golf Cart Work?

Combustion engines may use to drive gas-powered golf carts. It signifies that gas is fuelled by gas, like vehicles and trucks. The number of strokes in each engine varies. The earlier versions had two strokes, whereas the latest models have four.

Gas golf carts run on ordinary gasoline, just like any other car or truck. In the gas golf cart, gas lights illuminate a limited area, releasing electricity and causing them to move. Now I want to compare the pros and cons of gas vs. electric golf carts.


  • Gas carts are best for long distances
  • Gas carts may carry heavy luggage
  • Best golf cart to climb up hills
  • Gas carts have more power
  • Easy to refill


  • Noisy and cause pollution
  • Expensive than electric carts
  • Emission producing cart

How does Electric Golf Cart Work?

Like an electric automobile, an electric golf cart is working by battery cells. These golf carts typically use 36 or 48-volt batteries and eight batteries. The batteries may regularly charge to keep the electric golf cart running. The number of times you’ll need to recharge your batteries is determined by how many hours you utilize them.

An electric golf cart can operate for 45-90 minutes at full power on a full golf cart battery. Battery cells need to be replaced every four to six years. Here, I distinguish between the pros and cons of electric versus gas carts.


  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • High speed than the gas golf cart
  • Cheaper than a gas golf cart
  • Do not cause pollution
  • Emission-free cart
  • Noise-free cart
  • Safer to buy
  • Durable cart


  • Not so suitable for long distances

A Gas Golf Cart vs. an Electric Golf Cart Comparison

You have some considerations to make if you want to buy a golf cart for your collection of vehicles. The following are the essential factors in deciding between an electric vs. gas golf cart.


Strength is the essential factor you make during golf cart selection between gas and electric carts. A golf cart’s power may determine by its model and company. EGO AC carts, for example, can effortlessly travel even the steepest of hills with gas golf cart. Gas-powered carts used to be more powerful than electric carts for a long time. However, when electric golf carts have 48-volt batteries, they may compete with or even outperform more than gas-powered carts in terms of strength.

Golf Maintenance

Every golf cart requires regular maintenance if you want the golf cart to function effectively. Although the kind and amount of time spent on it depends on the golf cart’s model, brand, size, and power source. Electric golf carts are generally easy to maintain. You have to clean the batteries occasionally.

After each usage, the electric golf carts should recharge. Apart from that, you’ll need to pay attention to the water and electrolyte levels in the cart’s batteries.

Oil and filter replacements may need for gas-powered golf carts, and replacement parts such as a spark plug, starter belt, and other components are frequently required. Gas carts require a constant supply of gasoline, which will cost you money every time you visit the gas station.

Speed and Performance

When comparing battery golf carts vs. gasoline golf carts, electric golf carts are definitely the winner in top speed.

Surprisingly, electric carts have a higher top speed than gas carts. An electric cart can reach speeds of 20 to 24 mph straight out of the box, with performance upgrades allowing for speeds of up to 30 mph!

A gas cart can reach speeds of 18 to 20 mph, and there aren’t many speed improvements available. The latest 48v electric carts provide more speed than their gas golf carts in terms of power, but you may want to consider gas if you plan to use the cart as a workhorse and put it under constant stress.


When you choose a golf cart, consider your budget. Your decision now might have a significant influence on your future. As so many aspects go into the price of golf carts, it’s tough to estimate a pricing range, although secondhand gas-powered carts are generally more expensive than electric carts.

It’s also more challenging to obtain good secondhand gas carts because fewer are coming back in on the exchange. Depending on the state of the batteries, electric carts can be less expensive. Every used golf cart sold by RMI Golf Carts comes with a completely new pair of batteries.

Many companies offer you secondhand golf carts with a good battery capacity. So, in comparison to the price of golf carts in electric vs. gas golf carts, a gas cart will generally cost between $700 to $1,000 more than an electric golf cart.


It is most important to determine the pollution factor before selecting gas versus electric golf carts. The traditional gasoline-powered golf carts emit carbon monoxide. Gas golf carts produce a gas smell, particularly in enclosed spaces like a garage or shed. Many modern gas vehicles do better routing emissions and reducing gas odour.

On the other side, electric golf carts emit no fumes or pollutants. Environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries supply them. The “green” option appeals to you concerned about their environmental impact. Electric golf carts outperform gas golf carts in terms of environmental friendliness.

Noise Level

Golf carts that work with electricity accelerate rapidly and softly. They don’t create much noise on the green, so they’re a good choice for you if you don’t want to make their presence known on every hole.

Golf carts that run on gas are rather loud. The latest models are better in this sense than earlier models, but even the most advanced gas vehicle can only mute so much of the natural rumbling of the combustion engine. If noise is a significant consideration for you, you should generally avoid a gas-powered golf cart.


Both golf carts are pretty durable; however electric golf carts are more durable and long-lasting than gasoline golf carts. So, the electric golf cart is also a better option than a gas cart in durability.

Which Golf Cart Electric vs. Gas is better for you?

Now, it is time to decide which golf cart is the better option for you? You should decide based on the benefits of a golf cart that are most important to you. You may consider the fundamental differences between gas and electric golf carts when making your selection.

A gas golf cart is good for you if you need a consistent yet powerful output while quickly getting to their destination. Electric carts are less expensive to maintain and are better for the environment. It’s all up to you and your budget. So, electric golf carts are the preferable choice for you than gas golf carts.

Final Words

I think you better understand the comparison between gas vs. electric golf carts and make a better decision. So, electric golf carts are the most cost-effective, dependable, and handy mode of transportation for most individuals. But everyone’s priorities are different.

A gas cart will also be a better option if you plan on driving long distances or using the cart in areas where electricity is unavailable for charging the battery.


Q1: Is it cheaper to drive a gas or electric golf cart?

Electric golf carts are also less expensive to maintain and run since recharging them is less expensive than buying petrol for a gas cart, and electric carts don’t need as much ongoing maintenance.

Q2: When is a gasoline golf cart the best option?

If the range is your most significant consideration, you should pick a gasoline golf cart over an electric golf cart. Electric golf carts have improved in range over the last 20 years, but they still fall short of gasoline golf carts in terms of range.

Q3: Why are the gas golf carts so noisy?

Gas golf carts are noisy because of its engine. The bigger the engine of gas cart, the louder it will produce the noise.