Hottest Female Golfers – Sexy Women Golfers Model (2022)

Golf is a game that is effective for men. However, now many female golfers create their presence in a golf game. The women golfers not only became famous due to their abilities but also because of their attractiveness and aesthetics. So it’s no surprise that a beautiful female golfer presence in the game never fails to captivate their male colleagues.

Who is the hottest female golfer you think to be the most attractive?

I’ve compiled a list that may help to wonder about the most attractive female golfers. On the other hand, Lexi Thompson, Nelly Korda, and Lily are among the top LPGA female golfers.

12 Hottest Female Golfers

hottest female golfers

These professional women golfers are breathtaking because of their attractiveness on and off the game. The following are the top hottest female golfers on the list.

A few of these sexiest female golfers are even models, making high scores and capturing hearts! Nobody can ignore their attractive smiles. As a result, these professional golfers are fascinating to many people from their beautiness to hotness.

Let’s now take a look at some of the prettiest female golfers in the world:

1. Paige Spiranic

Hot Female Golfer

Paige is the top hottest professional golfer on my list. She is the most famous American celebrity.

She is not just a hot golf star but also a media influencer and an internet personality. She has played golf occasionally but not professionally since 2016. She started playing golf professionally in 2015 when she started the Cactus Tour.

She has not competed in professional competition since then, but she has undoubtedly captured the attention of many people. The sexy pro golfer also achieves success in modeling, which led her to leave her professional career in the sport. Check out her Instagram if you like to see more of her; you will not be bored.

2. Lily Muni He

hottest female celebrities

Lily He is the best-looking LPGA golfer from China. Muni has been playing the golf game since she was the age of five. Her parents moved from China to Vancouver, then San Diego. She had already been actively competing in important professional tournaments while studying.

She has also competed in the Prasco Championship and the LPGA Q-Series in her professional career.

She is a beautiful top lpga golfer who became a pro in 2017. Her beautiful face and sexiest body have won her a ranking on my list. She is a social influencer in addition to being a professional golfer. Fortunately, she is active on social media, so you can easily see more about her. Here is her Instagram profile, which has over 400k followers.

3. Blair o Neal

hottest girl in the world

Blair is not only a good golfer but also a hot female celebrity with great attraction. When she was eleven years old, Blair O’Neal played golf, competing in tournaments worldwide. This female golfer joined Arizona University with a four-year golf team member. She has been playing professional golf for about a decade.

Blair O’Neil is a beautiful model and host for the Golf Channel. Blair also participated in the “Big Break: the Dominican Republic” golf series. She has also been named to Sports Illustrated’s list of the rankings hottest players of all time.

Sadly, men, she has married. Press the below link to see more of her hottest female golfer photos.

4. Holly Sonders

women golfers

When it comes to the top 12 sexy female golfers in 2022, I cannot forget about Holly Sonders. Holly is a super talented, attractive woman and the most famous woman in golf. Without a doubt, she is unmatched among the hot professional golfers.

Holly was a professional golf player in 2009, and she ultimately got her chance in the Sports Media profession at Golf Channel. Sonders rose to prominence on the Golf Channel due to her work on Morning Drive and Golf School.

She could not continue her professional golf career at the age of 20 due to knee surgery. Her sizzling photoshoots and videos on Instagram keep her trendy in addition to her career.

5. Sandra Gal

hot golfer female

Sandra Gal has the ability to attract everyone. In 2022 top list, she is competent, tall, and one of the most beautiful lpga golfers in the world. Sandra’s height of 6’0″ and long legs made her the hottest woman in a golf game.

At the age of five, Sandra Gal began playing golf games and joined the legendary German National Team at the age of seventeen, continuing her passion for the game. She wins the German National Girls Championship at the age of eighteen.

She even competed in the NCAA tournament, winning four events, and became the first woman to be named First Team All American in 2007.

Therefore, she has an outstanding record of accomplishments and is one of the prettiest female golfers.

6. Cheyenne Woods

female golfers

Most people know her as Tiger Woods’ niece, but she is much extra than this recognition. Cheyenne Woods is more than simply one of the most popular sexy lpga tour players. She became a golf professional in 2012 and has consistently ranked among the hot lady golfers ever since. Cheyenne Nicole Woods was inspired to become a professional golfer by her grandfather Earl Woods. In 2006 and 2007, she won consecutive Arizona 5A State Championships.

In 2015, Cheyenne joined the LPGA Tour. She attended the Ladies’ European Tour in 2013. You may see her Instagram account below:

7. Lexi Thompson

hottest female golfer

Lexi Thompson, a sexiest lpga tour golfer from the United States, is the next female on the list. Lexi is not only one of the sexy blonde golf player, but she’s also one of the most successful, with more than $10 million total career earnings. So, she is the highest-paid female golfer of all time.

She is the youngest person to ever qualify for the U.S. Women’s Open at the age of12. She became a professional golf star at the age of 15 and won the LPGA Tournament at the age of 16. Lexi Thompson has a remarkable career winning one main and twelve other tournaments. She got the Kraft Nabisco Championship at the age of 19 years. If you want more about her, check her Instagram account.

8. Sharmila Nicollet

hot female golfer

Sharmila is another name worth mentioning in my list of hot golfing chicks because she has 15 professional championships. She is a beautiful and sexy Asian golfer. With 6’1′ height; I’m guessing she’s the tallest golfer on the list. Sharmila Nicollet started her golf game at the age of 11 and won her first tournament when she was 15 years old. She’s not only an incredible golfer, but she’s also a good swimmer champion with 72 medals.

She also took part in many competitions, such as the Malaysian Open and the Queen Sirikit Cup in Japan. Sharmila also likes fitness and exercising out, which I think is a positive point. She is a good role model and encouragement for women who want to improve their golf games. If you want to see her photos, check her Instagram.

9. Belen Mozo

hottest female celebrities golfer

Belen, a Spanish golfer, was born on September 25, 1988, and has attained the status of the golf’s sexiest ladies. She earned over a million dollars during her successful years, but she retired from the LPGA due to a hip ailment. Belen competed on both the LPGA and Ladies European Tours.

Belen proved herself as a significant player when she won the British Ladies Amateur Golf Championship in 2006. She joined the University of South Carolina Trojans golf team due to this achievement. If you see the Spanish golfer on Instagram, you won’t be able to ignore her as a more beautiful golf lady.

10. Lucy Robson

hottest model golfer

Lucy Robson, a British golfer, is up next on the list. She became famousas a “hot golf chick.” She is also an attractive personality, but she does not play golf professionally. Lucy Robson, a Cal Poly golf star in England, is an unbelievable killer for the 2022 list of lpga golfers.

Lucy Robson is also a hot golfer who has been well-known as Treasure Coast Player in 2012 and 2013. Lucy Robson joined the University of South Florida and Cal Poly to play golf in college. Since then, she hasn’t done much other than post on Instagram, but with her large followers, she could easily show up at a celebrity golf event that you certainly enjoy when seeing.

11. Maria Verchona

sexy women golfer model

She’s placed in the top eleven on my list. Maria Verchona is a beautiful sexy Korean golfer. She is the first lady that joins the Ladies European Tour for all time.

She is also tall, skilled, and an attractive female golfer. During the Rio Olympics, she established a world record with a 62. In addition, she has done a lot of modeling throughout the years. From 2012 to 2015, she named herself with her married name Maria Balikoeva. She came to the level of 16th place when shooting a course record 62 in the fourth round. You may check her Instagram account by pressing the below link.

12. Michelle Wie

sexy women golfer

A Hawaii golfer closes my list of the hottest female lpga golfers. She made her presence in the world of golf when she qualified for the USGA amateur championship at the age of 10.

She was also the first beautiful American lady golfer who qualified for an LPGA Tour tournament and won the U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links. She won five professional matches and one major tournament in her career.

In 2005, she became a professional golfer just before her 16th birthday, resulting in a flurry of media and advertisements. Click below the link on Instagram to check her attractive photos and videos.

Final Words

Although golf imagines as a man’s game, many women are now dominating the game. These top lpga ladies become famous female golfers for their beautiful, attractive figures and achievements. The hottest female golfers on the list are sure to impress you. The best part is that these ladies are beautiful and have the necessary golf abilities. These best-looking lady golfers make golf a more popular game to enjoy.

In the coming years, I’m sure more hot women will get an LPGA membership, and then I will update this list once more.

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