How Long does it Take to Golf 18 Holes (2022)

Golf is a quite popular game globally non only among the senior but also in young people as well. If you are someone who just started playing Golf and wants to know how long does it takes to Golf 18 holes, you are at the right place. 

An average or skilled golfer both want to know how long does 18 holes of golf take or the average time to play 18 holes of Golf. However, the golf game doesn’t have any specific time limit and depends on many variables. Each day the game will have changed time duration, making it difficult for everyone to give an explicit time limitation for a round of Golf.

Continue reading to know more about Golf, golf rounds, and how long is a golf game.

How Long Does it Take to Golf 18 Holes?

How Long Does it Take to Golf 18 Holes

18 Holes of the Golf Course

If you are an experienced golfer or playing for a long time, there must be a time when you asked What is 18 holes or why do you play 18 holes of Golf in a golf course, and the time duration of how long does a hole of Golf take approximately.

To address your first question, 18 holes in Golf is a standard 18 holes course ground where Golf is played. It is further divided into two subsets, each of 9 holes. This idea was taken from old golf grounds, where a perfect course had 18 holes.

And, if you want to know how long is a golf game and the maximum time to play each hole in an 18 holes golf course, you should continue reading because I’ve shared complete information about the maximum required time to play 18 holes golf course and factors affecting it.

Time Needed to Play 18 Holes of Golf

Do you know how long does a round of Golf take? Are you interested in getting the average time of 18 hole golf course? Usually, it takes four and half hour to complete the average length of 18 hole golf course. However, the speed and quality of play depend upon many factors. The skill, experience, and number of players also affect the time it takes to Golf 18 holes.

On average, each hole shouldn’t exceed the time above 13 minutes; if you are playing par 3s, the maximum time duration for each hole is 9 to 10 minutes. When par 4s, this time can increase up to 13 minutes, and for par 5s, the time limit is not more than 15 minutes. But, this is when you are playing with a group of 4 average golf players. It means the 18-hole golf course pars are 72 approximately.

The case is different for a group of two highly skilled golf players because they can quickly complete the 18 holes course in 2 and half hours. Lesser the number of people in a group, the quicker the completion of the course. However, if you think 18 holes in 50 minutes? That isn’t easy.

The time duration of a golf game is also decided by the number of holes. How many holes are there in a full round of Golf? The standard or typical golf course has 18 holes, although it is further divided into two more parts, each of 9 holes. The average time to play 9 holes is 2 and a half hours, so for 18 holes, it’s almost 4 hours or a little more.

Factors that Influence the Length of the Golf Round

How long does it take to play 18 holes of Golf? The time for this can vary greatly due to the various factors influencing the golf game. Below I have discussed these factors in detail to give you a brief idea about how long does it take to Golf 18 holes?

Number of Players

The number of players playing in a group also tells about the time it will take to complete 18 holes of Golf. If you are playing alone, there are high chances that you will meet the whole 18 holes within 2 hours.

How long does it take to play 18 holes of Golf with two players? If both players are highly skilled, they will spend 8 to 10 minutes per hole reaching the goal within 3 hours maximum.

How long does it take to play 18 holes of Golf with 3 players? If you add another member to your group making a 3 member pack, you will see a noticeable delay in the time to complete 18 holes course. It will take 3 hours or a little more to complete the round.

How long does it take to play 18 holes of Golf with 4 players? The addition of members in the pack means you have to wait for your turn resulting in an increased length of time. Each member will take time to make a hole, and this can complete a golf course of 18 holes length up to 4 to 5 hours.

However, this duration can go above 5 if all the members in the playing pack are new or average golfers.

Format of Game

Unlike other games, Golf has different game formats. The time limit for each format is different from the other. Before getting into the details of time duration, you should first understand these formats. The two primary formats of Golf are stroke and match play.

In stroke, every golf player or team player should play each hole, and the final result is announced after collecting net results. The team with minimum strokes wins the game. How long to play 18 holes? In match play format, two golfers compete opposite to each other for winning. They try to make every hole, but the player with the maximum score and minimum tries wins the game in the end.

Although the rules for both formats are almost the same, match play is a quicker format than stroke. The play rate in match play is fast because it doesn’t focus on scoring every hole; rather, you can win if you have more numbers within fewer tries.

Free or Crowded Course

The condition, of course, and the number of people there also affect the time it takes to play a round of Golf. If you select a busy course ground for playing Golf, there are high chances that you have to wait for your turn. If you are one of the first groups, you can finish your game quickly. But, if there are other groups before you, you must for your turn.

How many hours to play 18 holes of Golf? Being the first coming group on the course, you can finish the game within 2 to 4 hours, depending upon the group members. However, if the groups ahead of you have unskilled golfers, you have to wait, and the maximum to play around can increase.

Riding Cart or Walking

Both ride in a cart or walk is quite good options to play Golf. But how long should a round of golf take varies in both conditions. If you are alone, carrying your golf accessories bag, you may find it cool to play Golf in a riding cart. Playing in a riding cart is best for a single-member pack because, in this way, you can reach the hole more quickly compared to walking. It speeds up your play.

On the other hand, walking is a good option if you are two or more members. Because it’s quite difficult to keep up the pace while playing on the cart, the cart will move towards the first player’s turn; then it will turn and give a chance to the second player. The whole process takes a lot of time. So, playing Golf while walking is good if you have twosome, threesome, or foursome.

Skill of Golfer

How long does a game of Golf last get impacted by players’ skills? If you are an average player or someone who just started playing Golf, you are more likely to spend extra time than usual on course. While if there is a skilled player who is efficient in playing Golf, he will take less time on each hole, reducing the overall time it takes to play 18 holes.

So, it is best to play with a group of people with expertise in golf games with best forged iron; otherwise, you would have to wait a lot until you get your turn.

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions also affect your time on the golf course because if it starts raining, then you will not be able to complete your 18 holes game. The golf ball won’t swing like usual, so it’s better to take a break. This can add up to your overall time duration. However, it would be best if you kept playing under the blazing sun, as it doesn’t affect the quality of the game.


How long it takes to Golf 18 holes is the most asked question. But there is not a specific time limit to play 18 holes. Approximately 4 to 4.5 hours is considered the average time to complete 18 holes course. Different conditions like weather, skills, players, etc., can increase or decrease the time it takes to complete 18 holes. I hope you find this article helpful for all your queries related to Golf.