How Many Clubs in a Golf Bag

Are you planning on playing a game of golf but aren’t confident how many clubs are in a golf bag? Whether you are a beginner golfer or an expert golfer, you must know how many golf clubs you can bring to a golf game or tournament. You will be penalized by the rules if you do not take care of a maximum number of golf clubs.

According to USGA rules, you can carry up to 14 golf clubs in your bag, although many professional players carry less. You may take a putter, three kinds of wood (driver, 3-wood, and 5-wood), and eight irons in your bag (3-9 iron and pitching wedge).

How Many Clubs in a Golf Bag

How Many Clubs in a Golf Bag

How Many Clubs Can You Have in Your Golf Bag?

It would be best to consider the rules regarding how many clubs are in a golf set. According to the rules, a golfer’s bag may contain 14 top golf clubs in a bag. If you’re playing for pleasure, no one will notice if you have more than 14 clubs, but if you’re playing in a money match, you’ll be penalized if you don’t count your clubs.

You use the typical 14 golf clubs in a bag throughout the game under rule no 4 of the golf club rule. Based on the idea that golf is a challenging game in which the player’s judgment, skills, and talents should determine success. The golfer should follow rule 4 of a golf club that is following:

  • It would be best if you used clubs and balls by the rules.
  • You should have a maximum number of 14 clubs and are typically not allowed to have more than that club.
  • It would be best if you did not replace any clubs that have been damaged or lost.
  • It would be best not to use such golf clubs that give you artificial help.

So, how many clubs can you have in your golf bag?

You may carry 14 clubs limit in a bag throughout a game.

What are the 14 Clubs in a Golf Bag?

Now you well know, what is the maximum number of golf clubs allowed? The maximum legal number of golf clubs in a bag is 14. Now, you will need to think what are the 14 golf clubs in a bag. 

The rules specify the legal number of golf clubs that can be carried in a bag but do not specify the types of clubs that may carry in a golf bag. Some golfers want greater accuracy and therefore carry more wedges, while others require more coverage and an equal set of clubs.

To avoid confusion about which 14 golf clubs to use. I provide you with a specific list of clubs that may include in your golf bag. The following are the most common professional golf set compositions:

  • A single driver
  • One piece of a fairway wood
  • Two hybrids (replacement for 3-iron and 4-iron)
  • 5 to 9 irons 
  • Pitch Wedge
  • Sand Wedge
  • Gap wedge
  • Lob wedges
  • Putter

The player’s preferences and playing requirements will determine the final two clubs. A hybrid golf club is a collection of wood and iron that can help reduce the number of clubs in your bag. Some hybrids resemble an iron, while others resemble a 3-wood.

The final two clubs are a hybrid driver on the fairway and a wedge for use in the short game. You can use two wedges, such as a lob wedge or a sand wedge. The lob wedge will lift you, while the sand wedge will help you with those tricky shots.

Golfers use a golf club to strike the ball in the hole. The most common features are a long shaft, a grip, and a club head. The loft angle of each club is different. I have given you the most popular golf clubs used by professional golfers.

Does the Putter Count in the 14 Clubs?

The putter is counted as one of the regular 12 golf club clubs when looking at the standard composition.

Why Only 14 Clubs in a Golf Bag?

The USGA and R&A announced a 14-club limit at the end of 1936, which would take effect in 1938. Nobody knows for sure why only 14 golf clubs are in a bag, and the most likely reason is that golf clubs became standard at the time. Nine irons, a putter, and four kinds of wood include in a set of golf clubs. However, here maybe two main reasons:


● Firstly, it will be tough for a golfer to carry around 18 holes. 

● Secondly, having many golf clubs reduce the ability to play the game.

Penalties if you have too many clubs

As you learn more about golf clubs set, how many clubs you can carry in a golf bag will become clear. If you have too many golf clubs in your bag, you will be penalized for two strokes for each hole where you broke the rule. If you take 15 clubs in your bag and don’t notice it until the second hole, you’ll be penalized for four strokes.

Because the maximum penalty for breaking the rules is only four strokes, things won’t get much worse. If you make a mistake in the middle of a hole, you will be penalized for the hole you just completed.

Before you go to the game, you must double-check your bag. It’s better to count the legal amount of clubs than paying the penalty significantly when you’ve been cutting and rearranging clubs.

Is it possible to carry less than 14 clubs?

So you think what the lowest number of clubs permitted in a golf bag is. Yes, you can carry less than 14 clubs because there is no minimum, only a maximum. So you may use any number of clubs, such as 5, 6, or 10, but you should remember the 14 top golf clubs. You can even play the entire round with just a putter.

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in a Bag?

The methods I’ve set are the most orderly way to learn how to arrange golf clubs in a bag.

1. Take Everything Out of Your Golf Bag

You should prefer to take everything out from a golf bag to organize the golf clubs. Start with your driver and end with your putter.

2. Check Your Items

Remove old towels, dead rangefinder batteries, and anything taking up space in your golf bag.

3. Make Sure Your Golf Clubs are Clean

It is an optional step, but washing your grips and club faces while they’re all out of your bag won’t harm you.

4. Begin with the Longest Clubs

Place your woods and driver in the portion closest to the golf bag’s strap if you’re using a stand bag. Your longest golf clubs should be put towards the back of your golf bag, closest to the shoulder strap.

5. Add the Irons

You must keep the golf clubs in decreasing order. If not, keep your irons in the bag’s central part.

6. The Shorter Golf Clubs

You should have your putters and wedges in decreasing order. Otherwise, place the putter and wedges in your bag’s bottom part. The putter should be the final club in your bag.

7. Add the Accessories

Start putting accessories back in or on your golf bag once you’ve arranged your clubs and gone over what you’ll retain and what you can throw or give. Consider what you use the most on the golf field. Consider putting your towel or rangefinder outside your bag or keeping them in a readily accessible pocket if you use them on every golf swing.

It’s time to play now as you learn how many clubs are in a golf bag on tour and how to organize your golf clubs in your bag.

Final Words

When it comes to getting ready for a competition, golf bags and clubs are equally important. I hope you may quickly answer the query of how many clubs are in a golf bag. The rules of golf are precisely defined by regulating authorities to ensure that everyone competes on an equal level.

The type of club you should have in your bag determines your skill level, handicap, course, and weather. Beginners should first carry between 9 and 12 clubs to good their swing, while experienced golfers should prefer to have a maximum of 14 golf clubs in a bag.