How Much to Regrip Golf Clubs

Golf clubs have the ability to make your golf game either successful or unsuccessful. When the grips on your golf clubs become cracked, loose, worn, damaged, or weak, it might be a major problem for your performance. Re-gripping is the only possible solution for renewing your golf clubs.

Regripping improves the maintenance and increases the life of golf clubs. Therefore, you should need to know how much to regrip golf clubs.

Usually, the cost of regripping your golf clubs may be about $35 and $190. You should consider regripping the golf clubs once a year or after 40 rounds because it has a significant effect on your golf swing.

How Much Does it Cost to Regrip Clubs

If you need to regrip your golf club, you should think about how much does it costs to regrip golf clubs. The cost to regrip the golf clubs is totally determined by the number of clubs you want to repair. However, the average cost to regrip golf clubs is between $35 and $190.

The price to regrip golf clubs may vary depending on the grips you select or if you want to regrip the golf clubs yourself. If you perform it all yourself and buy the cheapest grips, you can expect to cost $35. If you wish to regrip your clubs by yourself, you should consider purchasing the grips first, then purchasing a regripping kit like the tape, glue, etc., or bringing them from a golf store.

You may also prefer to hire someone else to do it because it is less expensive, but the decision is yours. The cost of golf grips can range from $2.50 to $15 per grip. Tape, glue, and a few more items are included in the kit. These may cost about $12 to $25. You may expect to pay $10-15 for Golf Pride or Winn grips.

Here are some Amazon examples:

  • Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 costs about $10.49 per grip.
  • Champkey Traction-X costs about $39.99 for 13 grips with the regripping kit.
  • Karma Velour costs about $18.10 for 13 grips.
  • SuperStroke Cross Comfort costs about $5.99 per grip.
  • Lamkin Crossline 360 costs about $5.99 per grip.
  • Golf Galaxy regrip price is about $3 per grip.

In some cases, the cost to regrip a single club is between $10 and $15, but you should also consider the following factors regarding how much to regrip golf clubs.

Factors Regarding How Much to Regrip Golf Clubs


Labor cost is never too expensive when it comes to repairing a golf club because it’s such a simple and quick process for an experienced fitter. In most cases, its cost is less than $3.

Grip Kind and Materials

As there are three basic types of golf club grips and several subtypes within each of these three categories, material costs can vary significantly. The brand will finally determine the price of a particular grip. You may choose between a low, mid, or high-end product to manage your total price.

Number of Clubs

The number of golf clubs is also the most important factor in determining how much is it to regrip golf clubs. Regripping clubs in large numbers may offer a discount from some expert fitters, but it may be rather costly otherwise. When you have the almost 14 clubs in your golf set and get them all re-gripped in one session, the cost of regripping is about $200.

Why Should You Regrip Your Golf Clubs?

Over time, the grips of golf clubs wear out, and resultantly you may face problems such as holding the club too tightly or having the club shift in your hand. You should consider regripping your golf club set for various important reasons.


The fact that your golf clubs are getting older is one of the most valid reasons to get them regripped. Over time, many grips, especially softer grips, become rigid and slippery. To minimize its loss of quality, you must carefully check each grip in the club set.

Tackiness Loss

A good grip will regain the tackiness that most grips lose over time due to regular wear. You should check the tack attentively to determine each grip has become cracked and slippery.

Lack of Confidence

Lack of confidence in the grips’ ability to perform at a high level is one of the main reasons to get your clubs regripped. You should also consider the quality of the grips. You may also adjust the grips on your clubs for more accurate shots.

Improper Installation

You may fail miserably in attempting the grip your clubs on your own. You may not adjust the grips in the right place or even in the correct position. You should try to find a skilled, experienced expert to reinstall some top-tier grips that can help you get your golf game back on track for the benefit of your golf game.

When to Regrip Your Golf Clubs

When your club’s old grip starts to feel hard or slippery, it’s time to regrip your golf clubs. This signals you that they’ve worn out and are in need of replacement. The driver shaft repair is usually the second most club after the putter regrip. Still, because drivers are subjected to the highest force of any club, the grip will unavoidably wear out faster than the grip on a putter.

Benefits of Regripping Golf Clubs

If you take proper care of your golf club, it may endure for years. However, the grips can rapidly wear out when you use your golf clubs regularly. As a result, regripping golf clubs are valuable and helpful. Although regripping a golf club costs money in terms of materials and maybe expert assistance, it is well worth the investment.


It might be difficult to see the lines and indentations on your golf club grip when it wears down. The regripping can assist you in precisely aligning your club, making it simpler to line up your shot. You may not require assistance if you have a lot of expertise.

Improved Grip

Regripping the club may help you recover some grip and friction during the game of golf. You don’t have to be worried about losing your golf club when you swing it. Then you’ll be able to swing with more confidence and improve your golf game. Golf club re-grooving service helps you make more spin and control in your short game.


You may select the regrip of a golf club of your personal choice. Some golfers, however, like strong grips, while others prefer softer grips. You can try both types of grips and prefer that grips according to your choices and skills.

How to Regrip Golf Club

You now have a better understanding of how much to get clubs regripped. Now it’s time to learn how to regrip golf clubs at home. You can regrip your golf club yourself if you don’t want to hire someone to perform it. You may regrip your clubs with a straight blade knife, dual tape, and grip solvent. A vise and rubber vise clamps may also be used in regripping. Following are the steps to regrip golf clubs at home.

  • First, you should remove the previous golf club grip with a straight blade or a utility knife. Remember that the golf club should not move, and the knife is facing away from you.
  • Then, estimate how much double-sided tape you’ll need by measuring the shaft of your golf club. You may use the excess tape to cover the end of your golf club. You should also consider wrapping the tape in a spiral shape.
  • When you clean the inside of the new grip with grip solvent, put the club aside. Before you place the grip on the club, make sure the solvent is completely inside the grip.
  • When you’re ready, put the new grip over the club’s end till it doesn’t move anymore.
  • Adjust the grip, so the pattern square fits the clubface. You should do it fast, so the solvent does not dry out before changing the position.
  • In the end, you should dry the golf club for a few hours or overnight before using it.

You may try to regrip your clubs yourself if you do not have enough budget by buying the following two best golf grip kit sets.

Wedge Guys Golf Grip Kits

how much to regrip golf clubs

SAPLIZE 13 Golf Grips, Bundle

how much to regrip golf clubs


I hope this article has given you a better knowledge about how much to regrip golf clubs. Regripping a golf club may help you in making the golf clubs last longer, and you may use the clubs easily.

Regripping is an essential component in maintaining the golf club for better performance. Therefore, you should consider regripping the golf clubs after a year.


Q1: Is it worth it to regrip golf clubs?

Yes, regripping golf clubs is really valuable, especially prior to the start of each season. You’ll be able to swing the club appropriately with acceleration if you’ve mastered holding the grip with minimum pressure.

Q2: How long does it take to regrip golf clubs?

The overall method of regripping golf clubs will most likely take you between 1 and 2 hours. It’s not a simple job, but you’ll be able to do it forever after you do it.

Q3: Can I regrip my own golf clubs?

Yes, you can regrip your own clubs, but you’ll need a few unique materials to perform it. You’ll need new double-sided tape, a straight blade knife, new grips, mineral spirits to slip the grip onto the shaft, and vice or something to hold the golf club.

Q4: How much does it cost to regrip a putter?

Regripping a putter costs approximately 10 dollars. Again, the price may vary depending on a number of conditions. The labor cost is usually around three dollars, and the grips price is between five and fifteen dollars.

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