How Much to Reshaft Irons

When your golf iron shaft breaks or isn’t long enough for your swing. With time, the efficacy of an iron shaft decreases, and a new golf iron shaft may not always be accessible.

Reshafting your taylormade golf irons is a good solution for maintaining them in good shape and ensuring that they function correctly. You’ll likely have to ponder about how much to reshaft irons. Reshafting iron costs are between $40 and $100 for a graphite shaft and $20 and $75 for a steel shaft golf club. The average price to regrip golf clubs is between $8 and $15.

How Much to Reshaft Irons


How Much Does Reshafting Irons Cost?

When you start wondering how much does it cost to reshaft irons. Graphite and steel are the two shafts obtainable for irons golf clubs, and the cost of replacing a graphite shafted iron is substantially higher than that of a steel-shafted iron.

Graphite is substantially more expensive to replace than steel golf club iron. Due to its intensive production process and substance, it is more costly, and graphite shafts are more expensive in golf.

However, depending on the specifications and kind of steel shaft used, re-shafting your golf club would cost between $20 and $80 per shaft. It will undoubtedly cost more to reshaft the complete set than reshaft a single golf club.

If your iron requires a new graphite shaft, you might expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $100 for the shaft alone. Steel, on the other hand, is far less expensive. You should expect to pay between $20 and $75 per shaft, depending on the type of steel shaft and the requirements. Golf galaxy reshaft iron price is about $50 to $250.

Purchasing new golf clubs may be quite expensive. If your golf club’s irons are not working effectively, ping golf shaft replacement will be a better option.

Additional Expenses of an Iron Reshaft

The cost of reshafting irons determines by a variety of factors—the shaft replacement with a steel or graphite shaft in the reshafting method. You’ll also have to replace the golf club grips, as using an old grip on a reshafted iron will almost certainly be impossible.

Labour includes the disassembly and reassembly of the irons, the type of iron in some instances. So, you’ll also have to pay for a grip and labour, in addition to the shaft. The cost to replace golf clubs varies depending on what the service performs.

The average cost to regrip golf clubs is between $8 and $15. The labour cost to reshaft clubs appears to be between $15 and $25 per club, with an average of $24 per club. Then you must choose the shafts you want and which grips you like.

Now, you should consider how much does reshafting a driver costs?

The cost of a driver shaft replacement varies based on the outcome you want, the type of shaft, and the grip you choose.

The majority of drivers have lightweight graphite shafts, which increases the expense of replacing the shaft. Steel shafts can save you from 10% to 20% on shaft replacement costs.

It is necessary to consider how much it costs to extend golf clubs. You can extend the golf club up to 2 inches for $5.99 Steel or $6.99 Graphite per club.

Objectives and Reasons for Reshafting Irons 

Reshafting your irons is an essential part of keeping your golf irons up to date. There are a variety of reasons to replace the broken shaft, including:

  • After purchasing it, if your new golf setup does not fit your swing style, you can replace it.
  • After reshafting, iron clubs perform better than older clubs.
  • You can adjust the flex of iron clubs.
  • To regrip iron club shafts.
  • When you need to go from graphite to a steel shaft or vice versa
  • To improve your overall performance as well as your comfort while playing
  • When you can’t afford to buy a high-priced golf club.

Is Reshafting Your Golf Clubs Irons Worth It?

Most golfers believe that reshafting irons are worthwhile if the shaft is damaged or if the shaft is not appropriate for your swing. It’s more important to have the right shaft for your swing that is perfect for a golf club, and you should consider it worth option if you want to enhance your game. So, reshafting the golf clubs is worth investing due to various factors:

When your Iron Shaft Fractures

Buying a new golf club isn’t the only option if your golf club’s shaft is damaged or cracked while playing. You may reshaft your golf clubs in a less expensive way than buying a new one.

When your Golf Club gives Poor Performance

You may notice that the golf ball does not hit in the way you desire. Even the most expert golfers may be affected by the poor performance.

Every golfer has a unique style of play, so you may need TaylorMade replacement shafts. It’s time to change the shaft if the swing isn’t working effectively or the ball hits in the wrong direction.

Changing your Swing Style

Every golfer, I believe, has a unique style of play and swing. Players also tend to change their play and swing during their golfing. If you want to change your gameplay, you should invest in a new shaft, and choose one that best suits your preferred method of hitting the ball.

What is the Best Way to Reshaft Iron Clubs?

Iron golf clubs may be reshafted at service centers. However, the procedure isn’t overcomplicated. You may reshaft at home if you want to save money. Therefore, you need to learn how to reshaft golf club irons. To correctly reshaft iron clubs, you’ll need several tools.

The Necessary Tools

You will need 2-part epoxy, shaft puller, new ferrule, leather gloves, electric head gun, sandpaper, dremel tool with a cut-off wheel, acetone, vice, 2-part epoxy, and shaft puller for shafting the golf clubs irons.

For Steel Shaft Golf Club Irons

To begin, put on the leather gloves. The gun should then heat for 20 to 25 seconds. After that, secure the shaft holder in position and tighten the vice. By twisting the lead, you can get rid of it. When the face, hosel, and sole do not illuminate, it reduces heat.

For Graphite Shaft Golf Clubs Irons

Initially, the detaching procedure is similar. You’ll need to use a shaft puller and go through the process again. Use a heat gun to remove the graphite shaft and place it at the extractor. Then, with a box wrench, start the tractor. At this time, the shaft will be loose.

Method of Reshafting Iron

Now I’ll guide you on how to reshaft your irons clubs step by step. –

Step 1: The new shaft should first match the old shaft. Choose the appropriate shaft size; typical shafts are 335″ in length.

Step 2: The removing portion is the second step. Steel or graphite may use for the shaft. For them, the detaching process is hugely different.

Step 3:  You should clean the interior of the hosel after removing the shaft of iron. This time, sandpapers should use to remove any persistent stains or rust. After that, wash and dry them.

Step 4: Drivers range from 1 inch to 1.25 inches, although most are 1 inch. It would be best if you determined which driver is required. Remove the paint from the tip before inserting it into the shaft. To make it even, use different sandpaper.

Step 5: Mix the epoxy after cleaning the tip. It would help if you allowed it to sit for up to 24 hours.

Step 6: Rotate the shaft to apply adhesive. Make sure the adhesive distributes throughout the tip. Make sure the amount isn’t too much to cause a mess.

Step 7: This is the last step. By correctly aligning your favorite shaft, you may reshaft it. The aligning procedure is the same whether the material is graphite or steel. The grip adds to it. Keep them for the following 24 hours to allow them to set fully.

The Benefits of Reshafting Irons

Golf club shafts have a significant impact on how golfers deliver their strokes. As a result, having the club reshafted might alter how you hit the shot and play. There are many benefits to reshafting golf clubs.

Enhances your Swing

Improving the golfer’s swing, which is dependent on how the shaft passes the golfer’s hand’s swing to the clubhead, is critical. A shaft that does not fit correctly might affect speed and accuracy. I believe that selecting the proper shaft for the club may significantly impact.

Improved Distance and Speed

Players have varying speed ratings, which necessitates using the appropriate shaft. The flex of the rod determines the speed it can deliver. Shafts will display how far the ball will go; from very stiff flex ratings to females flex ratings. Reshafting will make it easier to achieve speed and distance.

Save Money by Reshafting your Irons

It is helpful if a person damages a shaft or needs a new one for their previously new clubs. Golf clubs are costly, so why not if you can save a few dollars by just replacing the shaft? So you may save your money by reshafting irons.

Which is Better Reshafting OR Getting New Clubs?

It is a frequently asked question among golfers, Should I reshaft golf clubs? Before making any final selections, you need to figure out how much the reshaft job will cost. Then figure out how much your present golf clubs are worth as a trade-in. If reshafting your clubs costs $500, but you can receive $500 for them, investing that money in a new set could be worth it.

The most costly portion of your golf club is the shaft. When it comes to replacing a whole golf club set, the expenses will almost certainly be comparable to what you paid for your original irons. So, it is better to buy a new golf club set if the price of reshafting an entire golf set is $900- $1000.

Nearby Reshaft Irons

There are likely to be several choices for reshafting your golf irons near you if you’re seeking high-quality solutions. I’ve narrowed down some of the most excellent options. Click the icon to find golf shops in your area that can reshaft your callaway golf irons for you.


The entire performance of golfers is directly related to reshafting irons, and the method is straightforward and reasonable. You may create an entirely new set by reshafting your golf clubs to your preference as you have also read how much to reshaft irons. 

Now you have certainly understood their prices of shafting the golf clubs iron. After all, reshaft iron clubs are considered cost-effective and worthwhile.


Q1: Should I switch to graphite shafts?

The most common reasons for switching from steel to graphite are playing a lighter shaft and enhancing swing speed or less vibration caused by a steel shaft.

Q2: How much does it cost to lengthen golf clubs?

The shaft measures $5 in length. For $6 or more, you may obtain 99 steel. Most irons, putters, and woods have a 99-gram shaft that may extend.

Q3: How much does reshaft ping eye 2 irons cost?

Reshafting your golf clubs cost an average of $24 per club, plus the cost of the shaft and grip. A replacement iron shaft and grip may cost anywhere from $10 to $95; a new driver shaft and grip can costanywhere from $18 to $44

Q4: Does it make a difference if you have expensive golf clubs?

The shaft and the materials’ quality are the key differences between high- and low-end golf equipment. Better feel leads to better and more consistent swings; thus, more costly shaft construction is a good investment.

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