How to Measure Golf Club Length (2022)

How to measure the golf club length is one of the important questions in the aspect of golf. Because you need the perfect fit golf club for the good practice of golf game.

It has been found that the long or short golf club may negatively affect ball striking and its result. In addition, your body posture may be affected due to short or long golf clubs.

Therefore the perfect golf club length is important for the right swing action.

The standard golf club length is suitable for your body height, as it controls the distance your ball hits.

To find out the correct golf club length for height, here we have mentioned the different method that is used to measure the right golf club length.

Different Method to Measure the Length of Golf Club

Selecting the correct length of golf club will improve your golf game. It will help those people who are struggling to correct their swing.

There are different methods to measure golf club length.

Method One: Measuring Tape or 48 Inch Rule

How to Measure Golf Club Length
  1. Put the golf club in the playing position and it must touch the ground.
  2. Now position the tip of rule with club heel.
  3. Measure the length of the golf club till grip cap.


  • Easy method
  • Cheap
  • No special tool need


  • Chance of error
  • Need assistance

Method Two: USGA

How to Measure Golf Club Length

United States Golf Association USGA uses a special tool, made of iron. It has angled up to 60 degrees.

  • Put the golf club in the playing position.
  • Measure the length of the golf club till grip cap.
  • Remember. USGA does not use the 48 inches limit to the club.


  • Approved and recommended method
  • Shows comparison of standard length
  • Trusty and reliable


  • Little difficult

Method Three: LDA

How to Measure Golf Club Length

Long Drivers of America use 50 inches limit of golf club for the long drive.

  1. Place the shaft flat against the wall with the toe driver on the ground.
  2. Check the result which maybe longer

It has been notice that some brands of golf use soleplate that lad on the table and get 48 inches rule for clubs.


  • Easy and simple
  • Manual measuring


  • Not consistent

Method Four: Using Measuring Instruments

There are different measuring tools to measure the golf club length.

These tools is easy to use , authentic result and has less error chances.

Such as Dynacraft Bench Rule Soleplate. This apparatus is a roller pin against the bottom of club sole.

  1. The club is placed against the aluminum ruler and get the length of golf club.

Advantages of Correct length of golf club

In order to get fitted golf club, you should measure the golf club length. It has many advantages.

  • With right golf club, you can swing the ball longer and in perfect motion.
  • Also your distance control will be improve
  • You will be able to hit the iron strong and straight.

Measuring the Putter Length

How to Measure Golf Club Length

It is different from the measure of golf club length. You can follow these steps to measure the putter length.

  • Keep the putter in the erect position
  • Put the measuring instrument in line with the putter center.
  • Check the figure on the top of the grip with the measuring instrument.
  • The result is the putter length.

Final Thought

In order to measure the golf club length is all depends on your preferences. As the standard golf club length also does not affect your physical health and improves your golf game practice with the passage of time.

Also, the correct length of golf club provide better body posture.

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