How to Organize a 14 Slot Golf Bag

When you’re engaged in an exciting round of golf with friends and maintain focus, perform your best and win the game. But you make a blunder in arranging the golf clubs when leaving for the golf game. You may not find the proper golf club in your bag because you haven’t considered how to organize your golf clubs.

A proper golf bag arrangement is the only solution for good practice with require tools. Having a well-organized bag will make you think like a great golfer. The article will guide you on how to organize a 14 slot golf bag step by step so that you can find the correct golf club setup when you need it.

How to Organize a 14 Slot Golf Bag

How to Organize a 14 Slot Golf Bag

Requirements for Organizing a 14-Slot Golf Bag

First or importantly, you’ll need some essential items to begin the sorting out process. The following are the basic things you need to arrange the 14 slot golf club bag.

Golf Bag

You’ll need a 14-slot golf bag for how to organize 14 slot golf clubs. The golf bags are typically available in two styles. You should select the most appropriate option. Choose a bag with extra pockets to hold more goods, full-length dividers, and a simple handle.

Also, make sure your bag’s structure has durable rigid plastic. Look for a bag with adjustable straps and shoulder straps for enhanced carrying comfort.

Golf Clubs

Without a doubt, you cannot play golf without golf clubs. You’re not going to stuff those 14 slots golf cart bag with sticks, after all. You may, however, carry 14 golf clubs and ensure that you have all of the necessary equipment.

Additional Accessories

Aside from golf clubs, there may be other items you need to bring to the golf bag club arrangement. Golf balls, golf gloves, golf weather clothing, and towels are just a few accessories available.

Step By Step Guide to Organize a 14 Slot Golf Bag

Now that you’ve gathered all of the essentials, it’s time to organize. It’s not easy to arrange your 14-divider golf bag. Golfers arrange their golf bag clubs in a variety of ways.

Considering the benefits of knowing how to organize clubs in a golf bag, you wouldn’t want to overlook the best method for organizing a golf bag.

Here’s how to organize a 14-divider cart golf bag. This article contains a step-by-step guide that will help you arrange your golf clubs in your bag. Let’s begin organizing your golf clubs in your bag.

Step 1: Empty the Golf Bag from Everything.

You’re struggling to figure out how to arrange 14 way golf clubs. If you’re new to golf, you’ll need to pay for a new golf bag. If you already have one and have been carrying it around for a time. It will likely contain many items that should arrange.

The first step in arranging 14 slot golf clubs setup is to empty your golf bag of all its items and remove everything from it, for example, your golf balls, gloves, towels, and other accessories. Damaged golf balls, discarded Kleenex, and snack wrappers also fall into this category.

You should carefully open all of the bag’s side pockets and empty all golf 14 slot dividers. You’ll be shocked at how much unnecessary and undesired items may add to the weight of your 14 divider cart golf bag.

You’ll be amazed to learn how much unnecessary weight you’ve been carrying for a long time, such as additional pairs of gloves, various balls, chocolate wrappers, scorecards, and so on. Removing the extra things will help you in the removal of some unnecessary weight.

Step 2: Arrange the Necessary Items

It’s time to organize the items after you’ve removed everything from the bag. Golf clubs, gloves, golf balls, and other reusable items should keep on one side. Similarly, get rid of any golf-related products or equipment you will not use.

For example, there are torn gloves, broken golf balls, wedges, putters, and scorecards from previous games. Consequently, you’ll have more space and be able to organize your things more efficiently. It will help you in gathering everything you require for your golf. It will also be helpful for you in determining what you do not require in the luggage.

Step 3: Cleaning Bag from Inside

The third step in how to arrange golf clubs in 14 divider slot bags is cleaning. You should clean your bag before putting your golf clubs and other items in it. If you cleaned the bag in a while, you should do it immediately because it has gathered a lot of dust. The dust is more likely to be seen on the bag’s interior corners.

With the help of moist cloth, you may wipe the bag from both the inside and exterior. If the bag is too unclean, you may clean it with a moist towel or a cotton swab with alcohol.

For example, assume you ate a chocolate bar and put the wrapper in the side pocket of your luggage. The wrapper crumbs will pile in the bag’s corner. Dust from used balls and gloves will accumulate in the bag’s corner. So, wipe the bag clean using a wet cloth and rubbing alcohol.

Step 4: Prepare and Arrange the Golf Clubs

Now that you’ve cleaned your bag, I may go to the central part. Let’s begin by figuring out how to set up a 14-slot golf bag. The fourth step in arranging a 14-way golf bag is determining its number of sections. The Callaway Golf 2019 Org 14 Cart Bag is red, black, and titanium.

The number of dividers used in the golf club assembly process significantly impacts the procedure. Some bags have two divisions, while others have three or more. After you’ve correctly identified the storage compartments of your bag, it’s time to start filling it with putters, irons, and wedges.


First, look for any available putter sections. It’ll be better if you find any section for a putter. Don’t worry if you don’t find the section. Now, put the putters on the backside of the bag. The portion is the one closest to the straps for placing the putter. You may keep your additional gear in the 14th slot or use the 15th slot to carry your putter.

Woods and Drivers

Similarly, you will put the drivers and woods towards the straps at the rear. It’s ideal for keeping the drivers and woods unless you have a distinct putter area. The woods will be on the right, while the drivers will be on the left.


The irons are the next type of golf bag organization to add to your bag since they are the second-longest. You should keep the longest taylormade golf iron on the leftmost side, just like your drivers. As you proceed from left to right, arrange your irons in the following order: 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, and so on.


Some golfers place wedges in front of their irons. However, it is preferable to put your wedges in after your irons. Not only because they’re shorter clubs, but also because you’ll use them more frequently. The four wedge clubs available to you are:

  • The Wedge for Pitching
  • The Sand Wedge
  • The Gap Wedge
  • The Lob Wedge

Golfing Clubs

In general, arrange your golf clubs from left to right. You should keep the longest clubs on the backside of the bag to know where the smaller golf clubs will place. You may organize your smaller golf clubs in the bag’s front portion.

If you follow this arrangement, you won’t have any problems getting your clubs out. This arrangement will also maintain the balance of your luggage. It’s lightweight and small.

Step 5: Organizing Extra Accessories

The last step in the setup of a golf club is the arrangement of the additional accessories. Many 14-slot golf bags have front and side pockets to keep all of your extra golf-related gear and equipment organized apart from the clubs.

Essential equipment such as tees, golf balls, and divot repair tools, to mention a few, should be kept in these compartments. You should also store rule books, sunglasses, gloves, and other small objects in the side pockets, which are smaller and less accessible. You may also keep pens, scorecards, and fresh towels in your bag.

The steps are almost identical, whether a 14 slot golf bag or a15 slot bag arrangement.

How to Organize a Golf Bag with 8 Slots

Now you’re dealing with an 8-slot golf bag, with a reduced capacity. Your golf clubs should be arranged in the 8 way golf bag with the highest lofts at the top, starting with the driver and woods, then hybrids and irons, and finally wedges. The putter is now again kept in its putter well.

So arranging a 14-way and an 8-way golf bag is essentially the same, except in the latter case, identical clubs are paired together for storage in the same golf bag divider. It is essential because you must allow room for the putter.

But, at this point, I believe I should also mention that if you carry a complete set of golf clubs, a 14-way golf bag is preferable. If not, an 8-way golf cart bag seems to be close to ideal. It is, without a doubt, a lighter choice, making it more straightforward and more pleasant to carry during your 18-hole or 9-hole walk.

How to Organize a Golf Bag with 4 Slots?

A 4-way golf bag is the smallest of all, and it allows you to easily store and retrieve your clubs because you don’t need to fit them into their proper compartments in the situation.

Also, if you walk the entire length of the golf course, it is the most fantastic option for you, resulting in an easy, comfortable, and pain-free carry.

  • At the very top are the driver and fairway woods.
  • Long irons are in the center-left corner.
  • The center-right part fills with mid and short irons.
  • Finally, at the bottom, wedges and a putter.

Best Golf Bags

There are following the best golf cart bags that you can buy from Amazon:

1. OGIO Convoy SE Cart Bag

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2. Titleist Cart 15 Golf Bag

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5. Taylor Supreme Cart Bag

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As a golfer, you must realize the benefits of having a well-organized golf bag. A correct arrangement may save your time, give you a professional golfer’s appearance, and keep everything checked for golfing.

I hope you will get the skill to understand how to organize a 14 slot cart golf bag. From this article, you’ll do a better job of maintaining and protecting the 14 divider golf bag by correctly arranging the golf clubs.


Q1: What’s the best method for setting up a 14-way golf bag?

The first 3-to 4 short irons should place in the slots. You might also put them in the pockets on the bottom of the bag and the right side. You may acquire the 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons. These are ideal for the slots and pockets on the right-hand side of your backpack.

Q2: What is the purpose of 15 dividers in golf bags?

Any golf bag divider system means to keep your clubs organized and simple to access, as well as to prevent your clubs from bumping against one other and reducing noise.

Q3: What is the significance of a Sunday golf bag?

A lightweight golf bag (sometimes known as a “Sunday bag”) is meant to be lightweight, hold 6-10 clubs, and have adequate storage for your golf essentials. A lightweight bag may be a secondary bag for serious golfers, but it may be the only bag a casual player possesses.

Q4: What is the average golf bag size?

The overall length of golf clubs within a golf bag is roughly 50′′ tall since they stand in the central area of the bag. A golf stand bag’s average length is 36 inches. Your driver, which is roughly 45.5′′ long, will be the tallest golf club you’ll be carrying.

Q5: What is the number of golf clubs in a set?

Three blocks of wood, one wedge, one putter, one hybrid, and six irons make up a complete setup of golf equipment.