What Are Blades in Golf

Do you want to improve your golf game? Are you worried about hitting the golf ball easily and with better alignment? Then don’t worry.

The bladed golf clubs with a flatter face are the perfect solution for you to enhance your golf performance. You can quickly hit the golf ball with the blades on the golf field.

The bladed iron helps the golfer increase the spin and enables them good control over their shots. Bobby Jones, a professional golfer, introduced the first concept of blade irons in the late 1920s.

Here, I will discuss about what are blades in golf with the pros, cons, and comparison of blades with other irons.

What is a Blade in Golf?

You might be curious about what are blades in golf. A blade in the golf is iron with a smaller head and lesser weight than the usual golf clubs. The golf blade iron is designed with a flat face that gives sharp forward and backward edges. The sharper leading and trailing edges enable the professional golfer to hit more accurate shots.

The simple method to define what is a blade golf club. A forged club head with a narrow top line and a small sweet spot is a simple definition of the golf club blade. A blade golf club iron gives you a more traditional appearance like a knife than the cavity back irons. Professional golfers have played with golf blades for a long time to enhance their skills in golf.

If you are a beginner golfer and want to know what blade irons are, then I will give you more detail about what are golf blades irons. The blades in the golf are also often regarded as muscle-back irons. Blade irons have a smaller head and sweet spot enabling the beginner golfer to hit the shots easily and accurately.

You will get a slightly higher loft in the golf blade iron. Before selecting the blade iron, you should consider to buy the lightweight and durable blade material, which helps you to hold comfortably and hit accurately.

Do Pro Golfers Use Blades?

It is important to understand what are blades in golf and why do pro golfers use blade irons. The professional golfers use different types of wedges, iron, and golf blade clubs according to the weather conditions and turf. Pro golfers hit more accurately and achieve good control with the blade headed golf clubs.

The best and most famous professional golfers like Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, and Sam Snead use the golf club blades on the PGA tours. The pro golfers use the blades golf club because bladed irons give excellent results and allow a higher ball trajectory.

The muscle back is replacing the genuine golf blade technology. The actual golf blade technology is on the decline. The pro golfers usually prefer the muscle back irons in windy conditions.

Can High Handicappers Use Blades?

The high handicappers usually find it difficult to play with the golf blades. The high handicappers cannot hit precisely with the small headed blade golf clubs.

The lack of consistency is one of the most common problems the high handicappers face with the golf blade irons. Therefore, it is advised that high handicappers should move to cavity back irons.

Can Beginner Golfers Use Blades?

Golf is a tough and competitive game. It requires a lot of practice to become a professional in golf. Beginner needs to improve their golf shots. If you are a beginner and want to achieve good distance and accurate shots, you should use the large size headed blade with the sweet spot.

 The blade iron will enable you to improve the shots. So, beginners should not switch from cavity back irons to blades with the smaller clubhead because it is thinner than cavity back irons and has an error margin.

Comparison of Blades with Other Golf Irons

Now, I will help you to select the right golf club for intermediate by giving the difference between the cavity back irons, muscle back irons, and blades.

Blades vs. Muscle Back

The most important difference between the blades and muscle back irons is the design and structure. Muscle back golf clubs have a thicker bottom structure than the blades. While golf blades have a flatter face than muscle-back irons. Due to the arc-like structure, the muscle back blades allow the up and out golf ball shots.

The muscle back iron gives more forgiveness and more distance than the golf blades. The golf blade irons offer more control over the shots due to the lack of curvature in them. That’s why some professional golfers prefer muscle back golf clubs rather than the blades. The pros and cons of the muscle back irons are as follows:


  • Workability and ability to show mistakes
  • More forgiveness and longer distance
  • Good feel and better feedback
  • Better for shaping shots


  • Not forgiving on miss hits
  • Lack of consistency

Blades vs Cavity Back

There are a lot of differences between blades and cavity backs. The main difference between the golf blades vs. cavity back is the shape. The cavity back iron gives you the u-shape structure and is heavier than the blades. The cavity back blades provide you with a bigger sweet spot than the blades. You will achieve more distance and higher trajectory with the cavity back iron than the blades.

The best advantage that the high handicappers get from the cavity back irons is the consistent contact. To compare the cavity back vs. blade wedges, it is noted that the blade wedges are not more forgiving in contrast to the cavity back wedges. Therefore, beginners and high handicappers use the cavity back irons on the golf course. The pros and cons of the cavity back irons are as follows:


  • Consistent and accurate shots
  • Straighter trajectory and flight
  • Most forgiving irons
  • More distance
  • Easy to hit


  • Less feedback on miss hits
  • Not good for workability

Types of Blades

To better understand the question about what are blades, you should look for the types of blades. Once you select the right type of blade, you will easily use it. Following are some important types of blades:

1. Golf Club Blades

The golf club blades are available in different sizes, structures, and materials. You should consider buying long-lasting and lightweight golf club blades. Be sure that you should comfortably and easily hold the golf club blade irons.

2. Golf Cart Blades

The golf cart blades are v-shaped iron blades. These are expensive and more durable than the other blades.

3. Snow Blower Blades

The snow blower blades offer blades that you can adjust the width according to your preferences. You should consider cleaning and lubricate the snow blower blades for better working.

4. Hedge Trimmer Blades

The hedge trimmer blades come in a straight, curved, and serrated shape. It is important to clean the hedge trimmer blades after usage.

5. Mower Blades

The mower blades are a good option for a smooth golf play game. These blades give you an enjoyable golf experience.

Best Golf Blades

If you want to improve your golf game, you should consider to buy the best blades for golf. Following are the best blades for golf.

1. TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set

2. P770 Iron Set, Steel Shaft

3. Cobra Golf Radspeed Iron Set

4. Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Iron Set

The pros and cons of the golf blades are as follows:


  • Higher shot trajectory with increased distance
  • Small headed golf club with a thin topline
  • Better control due to the flatter face
  • Higher feedback on the shots
  • More loft than the other irons
  • Great for fast swing speeds
  • Easy to hit the golf ball
  • More traditional look
  • Small sweet spot
  • Accurate shots
  • Clean design


  • Less forgiving on miss shots
  • More sidespin on miss hits

Final Thoughts

I hope you will better understand ”what are blades in golf” from my article. The golf blades are useful for proper and accurate golf ball hitting. But the golf blade irons take time to master, especially for beginner golfers. However, you can use the blades for better golf performance with complete practice on the golf course.


Q1: Do pro golfers use blades?

Yes, about 26 % of pro golfers use the complete set of golf blades on the PGA tours. While approximately 44% of golfers play with cavity back irons and the other 30% of pro golfers use both muscle back and cavity back irons.

Q2: Are blades difficult to hit golf clubs?

Due to the lack of technology, the blades are difficult to hit the golf clubs in contrast to the modern-day irons. But a good golfer gets the workability and consistency from the blades.

Q3: Why do golfers use blades on the golf course?

Golfers use blades because of their stylish, sleek look. The blades help the golfers to enable them to shape their shots. The players easily move the golf ball from left to right with the blades, while cavity back irons are difficult to hit due to the reduced sidespin.

Q4: Should beginner golfers use the blades?

The beginner golfer should not use the blade because of its sleek appearance and have a lesser sense of gravity as compared to the cavity back irons. Due to the smaller club head sweet spot, it can produce a margin of error.

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